Skil Skil offers many products which are of superior quality at a reasonable price. The Skil car polisher features a powerful and long life 1300 W motor, a spindle lock. It delivers variable speed with the electronic control. Likewise, the Skil heat gun possess a powerful 1800 watt motor with three variable temperature control for a wide range of application. It has a constant heat control which is for maintaining temperature. If the temperature is too high the switch gets automatically off. The heat gun has a ceramic core for preventing the heating element for longer tool life and it consists of a D.C low voltage motor for long life time. In order to get an efficient air-flow, it comprises a well-engineered fan blade design and 3-speed blower setting. Another product named Skil blower performs dual function namely blowing and extracting. The Skil high pressure washer is used for cleaning car, bike, terrace floors, bicycles. Buy Skil power tools online in India at a moderate cost through shopping online store. Related Searches : Skil, Skil car polisher, Skil heat gun, Skil blower, Skil high pressure washer, Buy Skil power tools