Armor All

Armor All India Armor All is a complete resource for the car enthusiast and is well known for its car care products. It provides the products to enhance shine to the paint or tires, dash protection and leather condition. In addition, they have decided to offer the long-lasting beauty and protection which makes the people to get starred. Protectant Gel Armor All protectant gel is an improved UV protection gel which protects the vehicle from ultra violet rays and oxidation. The improved, thicker formula offers enriched control, non-greasy finish and a deeper shine. Additionally, it preserves the natural beauty of the car for many years. The protectant helps in preventing cracks, fade, discoloration and premature aging. It prevents from dirt, dust and debris. To use the protectant, follow the steps given below 1) Before using, first shake well 2) Just apply to a clean and soft cloth and evenly spread the gel 3) If it is applied excessly, just wipe off the gel 4) In order to sustain surface appearance and protection, apply weekly according to the need Car Wash Car wash is exclusively for washing the car instead of using dish soaps. The car wash removes dirt and road, grime and it is very safe for all automotive finishes. The car wash boasts clean rinsing formula for spot-free and streak-free results. To remove stubborn soils such as bugs and tar, just splash some undiluted car wash on the spot and allow it to soak for a little time and wash car with a sponge or soft cloth. Wheel Cleaner The wheel cleaner is used for cleaning the wheels. The Triple Action Formula is used to attack grease, road grime and brake dust which gives a beautiful and shiny rims. It will clean nook and corner of the wheel and it is safe for wheels while using directly. The wheel cleaner should not be used on damaged wheels. Cleaning Wipes The cleaning wipes are convenient for cleaning and it removes ground-in dirt, dust and grime easily. It wont leave any residue of grease on our hands. The Moisture Lock Lid is guaranteed to keep the vehicle fresh for atleast a year. It is important to remember that the wipes should not be used in some parts of the vehicle such as pedals, grips, steering wheels etc. In order to care your car, just buy car care products online in India at attractive price. Related Searches : armor all india, armor all, car care products, buy car care products online, cleaning wipes, wheel cleaner, car wash, armor all protectant gel