Waxpol India Waxpol is a great manufacturer providing car polishes, car care products, speciality oils, lubricants and greases etc. Waxpol manufacturing units is situated in Urla Industrial Area of Raipur, Chattisgarh and Vichoor, Manali in the state of Tamil Nadu. Waxpol provides a lot of products such as windshield cleaner, 2k rubbing compound, metal polish, silky touch polish, tire shine, car shampoo cum polish, premium polish, vinyl leather polish, dashboard polish, protectol, silicon liquid polish, glass cleaner, finishing compound etc. Buy Waxpol car care products online in India at reasonable cost through the Vicky.in Shopping online store. The Waxpol car care products price ranges from Rs.200 to Rs.2000 and above. Waxpol Windshield Cleaners Windshield cleaners are available in various capacity bottles. This is used for cleaning the hazy looks, marks and spots on the glass parts of the vehicle. Windshield cleaner should be diluted with water for easy removal of dirts and spots. Waxpol 2K Rubbing Compound The rubbing compound is mainly for clearing scratches, swirl marks which offers a superb finish similar to polished car. Its wax free and silicone free for 2K paints and it removes coat finishes and other automobile finishes. It is recommended to use buffing machine with low to medium pressure and slowly buff off to an excellent shine. Waxpol Metal Polish The waxpol metal polish helps in removing the dull film of the surfaces to a brilliant shine. It gives a high gloss on metal such as brass, copper, tin, chromium, nickel and stainless steel. It is to remember that the metal polish should not be used on plastic or rubber. Take the metal polish with a piece of cloth and proceed rubbing till dry. Then use another soft cloth and continue rubbing to offer an excellent shine. Waxpol Tire Shine Waxpol tire shine comes with an advanced technology and high quality raw material. The advantage of using the tire shine is that it retains back the original colour of the tyres and it protects tire walls from the sun shine and rain. The tyres can be washed with water in order to remove soils, dirts. Once the tire becomes dry, just use the tyres shine and leave it for 15 minutes. Then wipe off completely with soft cloth and the original colour is restored. Related Searches : Waxpol India, Waxpol, car care products, Buy Waxpol car care products online in India, Waxpol car care products, Waxpol Windshield Cleaners, Waxpol 2K Rubbing Compound, Waxpol Metal Polish, Waxpol Tire Shine