Studds Helmets India Studds is considered to be one of the top manufacturers of exporter of Helmets and motorcycle accessories. Studds products are developed with innovations in design and technology. The product catalogue includes 1) Full Face Helmets 2) Open Face Helmets 3) Accessories 4) Motorcycle Luggage 5) Sporting Helmets 6) Industrial Helmets The main purpose of using the helmet is for protecting the rider’s head during any accidents. Some helmets offer additional comforts such as face shields, ear protection etc. The bike helmet comprises 2 major components namely hard outer shell and protective pad. The hard outer shell is very thin which is made up of a thermoplastic or fiber glass. Similarly the protective pad is soft that is made of expanded polystyrene or polypropylene foam. The hard outer shell not only helps in avoiding penetration of the helmet with a pointed object or puncture the shell but also offers a structure to the inner liner. The usage of protective pad minimizes de acceleration. Studds full face helmets includes bravo, chrome, downtown, golf eco, jade, motocross, ninja, premium vent, rb2, rhino, scorpion and ultra. Likewise, studds full face helmets includes cub, jet star, ks-1 metro, marshal, ninja concept, track, downtown etc. The sporting helmet Troy with visor is one of the excellent helmet in which all ladies prefers this. Buy studds helmets online in India at competitive prices through the online shopping store Related Searches : Studds Helmets India, Studds, full face helmets, open face helmets, industrial helmets, sporting helmets, bike helmet, Buy studds helmets online in India