Amaron Battery

Amaron Battery Online Amara Raja Batteries Limited (ARBL) is collaborated with Johnson Controls Inc., USA, which is the largest manufacturer of Standby VRLA batteries. The term VRLA stands for Valve Regulated Lead Acid. Vicky. in, the best online shopping store offers zero maintenance amaron batteries to the customers. Amaron batteries are fitted with the latest advanced technology for delivering high power. Amaron, the second largest brand in the Indian market who has introduced a zero maintenance battery and battery for two wheelers which provides a 60 month warranty. Amaron battery consists of patented silven X alloy which delivers long last power. Amaron products is mainly focusing on customer satisfaction. Nearly 13,500,000 amaron batteries are powered in Indian vehicles. Passenger Vehicles Battery Our car should be incorporated with the latest technology battery. If we are using amaron battery, surely we will find a difference. The vehicle will start without any trouble. The amaron batteries would give a difference factors such as high cranking power, high heat tolerance, vibration resistance, improved safety, highest reserve capacity etc. Commercial Vehicles Battery The commercial vehicles are also supported by amaron battery and with this battery the vehicle works on extreme conditions. This type of battery allows us to go for a long distance. The battery works on both extremes of heat and cold. Two Wheeler Battery Bike enthusiasts are always enjoyable to go for a long ride. Amaron Battery ensures this long ride by supplying power for a long time. Amaron provides Pro Biker Rider batteries, which is designed with state of the art VRLA technology for all the two wheelers in India. Four Wheeler Battery The amaron battery is available for cars such as Ford Figo, Maruti Swift, Chevrolet Beat, Hyundai i10, Toyota Innova, Maruti Dzire, Mahindra Bolero and so on. The cost of car battery ranges from Rs.3000 to Rs.15000 and above. Related Searches : Amaron Battery Online, Amaron battery, Passenger Vehicles Battery, Commercial Vehicles Battery, Two Wheeler Battery, Four Wheeler Battery, cost of car battery