Abro India Abro has become so popular in India and it provides a wide range of products such as self adhesive tapes, signage and outdoor advertising raw materials, plastics and polymers raw materials. In addition, it also possess car care products and engine performance and maintenance products. Abro plays an important role in delivering high quality products in the industrial, automotive and consumer market place. Good quality brands are always focused by forgers. In India, large amount of fake gasket maker is available in the market. The fake gasket maker has a hologram which says “Authentic ABRO”, even though the real ABRO does not have this. Abro Super Gold Paste Wax (PW400) is used for protection from weather, salt and corrosion. It is a non-abrasive, pres-softened carnauba wax which keeps finishes looking new. Before applying the wax, the car should be washed and dried neatly. Apply over the surface of the car and allow it to cool for some time and clean with a soft cloth. Abro WW-606 Wash and Wax is easy to use and it removes road grime, bugs, tar and tree sap. The wash and wax is an ideal product for fast touch-ups and it is safe for all painted surfaces, fiberglass, chrome and trim. It is excellent for RV, Motorcycle, Household and marine use. It is to be noted that it should not be used on floors or fabric because it may cause slipping. Just spray the solution over the surface of the car and heavier dirt may require a second coat. Abro Micorfiber cleaning cloth should be used to clean the car. Abro radiator flush will remove rust, sludge, scum easily and it prevents overheating. One of the important advantage is that this product is harmless to the system metal and rubber parts. The dashboard polish of the abro protects against fading and cracking. It comes with a lemon fresh scent and it rejuvenates luster to rubber, vinyl and plastic. Like the above products, many products such as wheel cleaner, foaming tire cleaner, leather cleaner, protector etc., are also available in the shopping store. Buy Abro car care products in India through the online shopping store Vicky.in. Customers from anywhere in India can be able to purchase the products. Related Searches : Abro India, Abro car care products, Abro Super Gold Paste Wax, Abro ww-606, Abro Microfiber, Abro radiator flush