Pidilite Car Care Products The legendary manufacturer Pidilite provides a huge range of bike and car care products which includes Adhesives and Sealants, Construction and Paint Chemicals, Automotive Chemicals, Art Materials, Industrial Adhesives, Industrial and Textile Resins and Organic Pigments and Preparations. Many products are developed under the brand Pidilite with superior quality ingredients. Buy Pidilite products online in India at affordable prices from the shopping online store. Pidilite motomax products involves, car shampoo, upholstery cleaner, dashboard polish, premium liquid polish, paint sealant, tire cleaner, windshield cleaner, 2k rubbing compound, vent air freshener, cuitie fresh and cream polish. These products make the vehicle so clean and give a new appearance. Pidilite Fevitite super fast offers high cohesive strength, negligible shrinkage on curing, good shock resistance, long lasting bond and better dimensional stability. It comes in various sizes and customers can choose as per their wish. M-Seal Super Pidilite features an excellent adhesive properties and resistance to chemicals. The m-seal is mouldable and easy to mix. This product can be shaped, drilled, filed, sanded and painted upon. Similarly, Pidilite Zorrik is an aerosol spray which is mainly for protecting, lubricating and displacing moisture. The Zorrik under pidilite ensures high durability. Pidilite Lubricant break away is one of the fast penetrating and synthetic oil free lubricant with the silicon spray. Related Searches : Pidilite Car Care Products, Pidilite, car care products, Buy Pidilite products online in India, Pidilite motomax, Pidilite Fevitite, M-Seal Super Pidilite, Pidilite Zorrik, Pidilite Lubricant