Formula 1

Formula 1 India Formula 1 is best known for its high performance auto care products which provides a solution for every auto cleaning and protecting need. Formula 1 car care products are very helpful in cleaning, shining and protecting the vehicle. Formula 1 car care products are so good while compared to other which delivers a long-lasting shine and protection. Different types of car care products are available under the name Formula 1. Let us see one by one. Formula 1 Carnauba Paste Wax The Formula 1 carnauba wax is one of the best car care product for long-lasting shine and protection which features a Grade 1 Carnauba for deeper shine. It removes scratches, restores paint color and it is easy to apply and wipe off. The carnauba paste wax shines upto 12 months. Formula 1 Carnauba Liquid Wax It is in the form of liquid which is easy to use and it features an exclusive wax formulation for sustaining long lasting shine. The carnauba liquid wax uses the hardest natural wax in order to deliver shine. Formula 1 Carnauba Wash and Wax The Formula 1 high performance carnauba wash and wax will form foams which helps in removing tough dirt and grime making the car to look like a new car. It is easy to perform wash and wax in one step and it won’t harm or dull paint finish like liquid or powder detergents. Formula 1 100 Washes Formula 1 100 washes wash and wax is 4 times more concentrated than the ordinary wash which ensures better value. A little amount of the wash is mixed with a bucket of water for removing dirt and cleaning the entire vehicle. In addition, it removes bugs and tar from all vehicle surfaces. Formula 1 Scratch Out Paste The heavy duty scratch out paste helps in removing yellowed, scratched and hazy head lamps. It is very safe for all paint finishes including clear coat and it clears bugs, tar, bird droppings and acid rain marks on the finish. The Micro-polishers in the paste renews heavily scratched and damaged paint surfaces. Formula 1 Glass Cleaner The Glass Cleaner comes with rain repellant which beads water to enhance driving visibility in rain. It removes rain, bugs, grime, dirt and the road film from sticking to the glass. Formula 1 Protectant Formula 1 rejuvenates shines and take care of rubber, vinyl, leather and plastic. It is used for both interior and exterior applications including tires. The formula 1 protectant won’t leave any oily residues and won’t attracts dust. Buy formula 1 car care products online in India at a moderate cost from the Shopping online store. Customers from anywhere in India can get their product without any damage. Related Searches : Formula 1 India, Formula 1 carnauba wax, Formula 1 Carnauba Liquid Wax, Formula 1 Carnauba Wash and Wax, Formula 1 high performance carnauba wash and wax, Formula 1 100 Washes, Formula 1 Scratch Out Paste, Formula 1 Glass Cleaner, Formula 1 Protectant, Buy formula 1 car care products online in India