Mothers Car Care India Mothers is best known for its car care products which offers paint, glass, plastics, chrome, convertible tops, leather, vinyl, thermoplastics, polycarbonate, chrome and rubber. Whatever the problem may be regarding the car care, Mothers has the solution for all. The company provides solution for minor scratches, tough stains, water spots, bug, road residues and dull looking interiors. Buy mothers car care products online in India at competitive prices from the shopping online store. Customers from major cities such as Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad, New Delhi, Kolkata etc., can be able to get their products without any damage. Mothers car care products are developed with the high quality raw materials which would clean and protect every surface of the vehicle. Many products are available for various purposes. For example, the vehicle is washed with the help of car wash and it is possible to wax the truck. The chrome accessories can be polished with the car polishes and wheels can be cleaned using the wheel protectant. It is to be noted that before waxing or polishing, scratches should be cleared and any unwanted spots should be removed. Let us see some of the products with detailed description. Mothers R3 Racing Rubber Remover In order to remove any rubber scuffmarks, dirt, soil and grime from paint, glass etc., R3 racing rubber is recommended for quick and safe remove. R3 pro strength cleaner usage is very tough on tenacious rubber and grime but it is very gentle and safe for surrounding surfaces. Mothers Mag and Aluminium Polish The mag and aluminium polish can be used regularly which gives a long lasting benefit for the vehicle. It should be applied with a clean cloth and a small amount of elbow grease for giving bright shine. The Mothers polish comes with the legendary metal polish and its secret formula offers a brilliant shine with ease of use for aluminium wheels and parts, brass, alloys and accessories. It is very easy to apply for the most neglected metals for getting a bright shine. It cannot be used for gold plating, chrome, anodized, painted or coated metals. Mothers California Gold Car Wash Mothers car wash is a powerful cleaning agent which helps in removing dirt, road film, bugs, bird droppings, air borne pollutants and other grime. It helps in cleaning without removing the wax or dulling the paint. It comes with the super-sudsy formula for resisting water spotting. Related Searches : Mothers Car Care India, Mothers, Buy mothers car care products, Mothers car care products, Mothers R3 Racing Rubber Remover, Mothers Mag and Aluminium Polish, Mothers California Gold Car Wash