Bburago India An Italian model car manufacturer Bburago was established by Mario, Ugo and Martino Besana which offers miniatures of all cars of various scales. The Bburago products are available in scales such as 1:12, 1:24, 1:32, 1:64 etc. Bburago model cars comes with metal bodywork and plastic finish parts. Bburago is well known for its high-end models which possess detailed engines, rubber tyres and leather seats. Customers felt that this is the most affordable brand and they can receive their products from anywhere in India. The Bburago model car prices vary depends on the scale. The speciality of the bburago is that they offer some of the most popular Ferrari models at affordable prices. In addition, Audi R8, Jeep Wrangler models and many more are also available in Bburago. Let us see some of the products one by one. Bburago Lamborghini Sesto Elemento The Lamborghini Sesto Elemento consists of a factory painted metal body along with multiple coloured detailing parts, opening doors, detailed interiors and engines. It’s approximate length is measured as 8 inches and the scale is about 1:24. Bburago Jeep Wrangler Bburago provides Jeep Wrangler which is a pre painted die cast body with coloured plastic interior and chassis, opening doors, detailed interior, steering etc. It is a 1:18 scale model car and very safe for children’s hand. This product will be perfect for little kids with the age of 3. Bburago Range Rover Bburago Range Rover is an ideal toy car for SUV fans which comprises of opening doors, hoods and trunks with deep luster. It is designed with non-toxic paint, folding bucket seats, detailed dashboard and precision engine. Bburago Ferrari Race and Play Bburago Ferrari race and play is a model kit of 1:32 scale. The Ferrari kit comes with diecast metal body, plastic parts. Related Searches : Bburago India, Bburago, Bburago model car prices, Bburago Lamborghini Sesto Elemento, Bburago Jeep Wrangler, Bburago Range Rover, Bburago Ferrari Race and Play