Servo Engine Oil The Servo is one of the leading manufacturer of engine oil which cleans and cools very critical parts of the engine. The engine oil helps in cleaning the engine inside assuring engine performance and fuel economy. It avoids the formation of rust, sludge on engine parts and maximizes the life of the engine. This high performance engine oil is exactly suitable for new generation vehicles. The servo engine oil is exclusively designed to offer maximum protection to the vehicle which ensures smooth and enjoyable ride. The Servo 4T comes with new ECG protection technology which satisfies the demands of nowadays 4-stroke motorcycle engine and it is formulated with some special additives which is for all round protection for bike engine, clutch and gear. Servo 4T is suitable for new generation 4 stroke motorcycle manufacturers such as Bajaj, TVS, Hero and Honda etc. The Servo 4T Zoom is mainly known for its higher fuel efficiency, excellent wear protection, engine, clutch and gear protection. Servo is the top legendary manufacturer offering lubricants and greases. It is considered to be the one-stop shop for lubrication solutions in the automotive, industrial and marine segment. The Servo MP3 grease is a multi-purpose lithium grease with a water resistant facility. It can be used for all types of bearings, gears, chains, sprockets and bushes which includes wheel bearings. Servo 2T Supreme oil is a green dyed, low smoke, semi-synthetic 2-stroke engine oil which satisfies the demands of nowadays 2-stroke vehicles. The usage of supreme engine oil minimizes the spark plug fouling, formation of deposit and preignition, avoids rust formation etc. Along with the other features, it also offers high protection from seizure, scuffing and wear since the oil consists of diluents for easy mixing with gasoline. Servo Gear HP 90 is one of the lubricant having high thermal resistance, brilliant stress resistance and long shelf life. In addition to all, it has high cleaning capacity. It is perfectly matched for passenger car, bus and highway truck hypoid. If you wish to make the vehicle always in a good condition, just purchase engine oil under the brand name servo online in India at competitive prices from the best online shopping store Related Searches : Servo Engine Oil, Servo, high performance engine oil, Servo 4T, Servo 4T Zoom, Servo MP3 grease, Servo 2T Supreme, Servo Gear HP 90, purchase engine oil