Motormax Toys One of the leading toy manufacturer Motormax delivers die cast and plastic replicas of different kinds of vehicles which involves cars, motorcycles, planes, helicopters etc. The motormax diecast toys are in the scales ranging from 1:64 to 1:12. The company provides a huge range of products with various sizes and excellent quality. Motormax 1956 Ford Thunderbird comes with a detailed engine parts, doors with hood open. It has a detailed interior, engine parts and real rubber tires along with spare tire on its back. The ford thunderbird is surely a great gift for car and movie enthusiasts. Motormax 1940 Ford pickup is one of the important toy car which will be impressed by the kids. The Motormax car scale models comes with an affordable cost ranging between Rs.2000 to Rs.10000 and above. Related Searches : Motormax Toys, Motormax, motormax diecast toys, Motormax 1956 Ford Thunderbird, Motormax 1940 Ford