Karcher India Karcher is one of the top brand which offers products for cleaning purposes such as high pressure washer, vacuum cleaner, steam cleaner etc. These machines are designed with innovative features and user friendly features which gives a clean sweep while compared with other machines. The ISO 9001 certified company Karcher has won many national and international awards for its excellent, unique design and quality. Karcher high pressure washer products includes K 3.550 120 bar, K 6.600 150 bar, K 2.110 100 bar, K 7.400 160 bar etc. Similarly, Karcher steam cleaner includes SC-1.020 and SC 2.500C for excellent cleaning purposes. There are two products available under the Karcher wet & dry vacuum cleaners namely WD 3.200 and WD 4.200. Buy Karcher products online in India at attractive prices through the Vicky.in shopping online store. The Karcher products price ranges from Rs.1000 to Rs.50000. Related Searches : Karcher India, Karcher, Karcher high pressure washer, Karcher steam cleaner, Karcher wet & dry vaccum cleaners, Buy Karchar products, Karcher products price