Jopasu India Jopasu is the only manufacturer who shines in various segments of car details and car care products. Jopasu has several products which ranges from special products to super utility products. Jopasu, founded in the year 1996-1997 is the first to introduce car duster, super utility products, microfiber for car care etc. In addition, it introduces the Teflon treatment and tough guard treatment. The company is able to deliver world class products with best quality which would satisfy the demands of the customers. Jopasu car duster is very helpful in cleaning the car within a few minutes which saves water by minimizing vehicle washing frequency. The duster is designed from specially treated cotton strands with white colour which clears the dust without scratching the paint. This can be washed and reused for many years. Jopasu Mini Duster is a handy glove shaped duster which removes not only the dust but also polish the surface. This duster is used for both two wheelers and three wheeler interior cleaning. Likewise, Jopasu magic wipe helps in removing moisture from the exterior portion of the vehicle without scratching it. Jopasu ultra coat is a paint sealant which consists of an artificial gloss enhancers and antistatic polymer for protecting the car from the factors such as sun, salt, grease, tar, acid rain and industrial fallout. If you want the car to be so clean and neat, just buy jopasu car duster online in India at reasonable cost through the shopping online store. People from various cities such as Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, New Delhi, Kolkata etc., can receive their products without any damage. Related Searches : Jopasu India, Jopasu, Jopasu car duster, Jopasu Mini Duster, Jopasu magic wipe, Jopasu ultra coat, buy jopasu car duster