Coverite Car Cover Coverite is the legendary manufacturer of power sport car covers in the industry. It offers a wide range of car covers for passenger cars, SUVs, Vans, Trucks, RVs, Motorcycles etc., which protects the vehicles from dust and rain. Coverite car covers are tested by high-intensity water pressure and UV protective coating. Coverite enables the customer to select the best car cover which combines the best protection for their vehicle, depends on different climate conditions, and their budget. Coverite car covers comes in six various types of fabric materials which are of superior quality. They are 1) Prestige 2) Softbond 3) Xtrabond 4) Silvertech 5) Bondtech 6) Bondtech Lite Coverite Prestige Car Cover The coverite prestige car cover is best suited for expensive vehicles which features a soft 5-layer fabric with fleece-lined bottom layer for protecting fine finishes. It is incorporated with an ultrasonic welded seam process for leak problems and it possess high water resistance with waterproof facility. The prestige car cover involves tie-down strap and buckle attached along with strap pocket built into cover which makes the storage very easy. Coverite Softbond Car Cover The softbond car cover provides both quality and value which boasts a superior breathable 3-layer tan colored fabric of highly water resistant. It has two layers in which the inner layer of the cover is of soft cushion preserving the expensive paint finishes and ensures a double long life of the fabric. The coverite softbond car cover is perfect for longer term storage. Coverite Xtrabond Car Cover The coverite xtrabond car cover is a waterproof fabric along with patented X-type vents which enables air to circulate under cover 3 vents per cover. It is to be noted that coverite xtrabond car covers should not be used for convertible applications. Since the fabric collapses into the vehicle cockpit, the vents enables water to get into the passenger compartment. This type of car can be ideal for hardtop applications only. Coverite Silvertech Car Cover The Silvertech car cover is the perfect protection from the sun, UV and heat damage. The silvertech cover possess an ideal sunbelt fabric which makes the car interior to be very cool since it reflects the sun and heat away from the vehicle. It has speed lock for security and it is easy to install this type of car cover. Coverite Bondtech Car Cover The Bondtech car cover is available in grey color with single layer which is non-abrasive. This car cover won’t stretch or shrink and the single layer fabric is mainly for the protection of dust, bird droppings, tree sap and direct sunlight. The coverite bondtech car covers are available for SUVs, Vans and Trucks. Coverite Bondtech Lite Car Cover The bondtech lite car cover is very economical and lightweight which features a non-woven polypropylene of water repellant and breathable. The lite car cover is 11% lighter fabric when compared with the regular bondtech car covers. Buy car body cover online in India under the brand coverite through the shopping online store. Related Searches : Coverite Car Cover, Coverite, Coverite Prestige Car Cover, Coverite Softbond Car Cover, Coverite Xtrabond Car Cover, Coverite Silvertech Car Cover, Coverite Bondtech Car Cover, Coverite Bondtech Lite Car Cover, Buy car body cover online