3M Car Care

3M Car Care India 3M car care plays an important role in the Automotive Industry which provides a complete, innovative and superior range of car care products. 3M is considered to be the world leader in technology and innovation. 3M offers unique quality along with everlasting beauty, performance, protection and value for the car’s life. 3M Universal FSC 3M Universal FSC stands for 3M Universal Fuel System Cleaner and it is designed for cleaning intake valves, fuel injectors and combustion chambers. It is a combination of high octane fuel, removing solvent, water micro-emulsion, corrosion inhibitors and lubricants. Additionally, it has detergent dispersants. 3M Radiator Flush 3M Radiator Flush, a highly effective car care product has been mainly introduced to clean rust, sludge, scale which is settled on the radiator. It gives a complete cleaning of cooling system, sustaining optimum engine cooling and reliability. The radiator flush is a non-toxic product which won’t harm cooling system parts and it is ideal for all types of aluminium radiator. 3M Engine Oil Flush 3M Engine Oil Flush is actually used in the crankcase lubricating systems for both petrol and diesel engines. This is a super fast cleaner and it is very easy to use which extracts sludge, varnish and other deposits. The engine oil flush removes sticky rings and it assures good performance. While the engine is in off mode, use the 3M engine oil to crankcase. 3M Engine Oil Additive 3M Engine Oil Additive is mainly developed to minimize friction of very critical engine parts for both petrol and diesel engines. The engine oil additive completely minimizes the formation of harmful deposits and it stops oil foaming which ensures better lubrication. The 3M engine oil additive strengthens the engine power and performance of the vehicle. Advantages of 3M Car Care Products 1) The 3M car care products for exteriors always offer a neat look. 2) The car care product for interiors makes the vehicle to be hygienic, safe and enriched. 3) The underbody of the car is protected from the harmful effects of rust using the 3M car care products. 4) The engine rejuvenation treatment recovers power, performance and fuel efficiency by removing carbon deposits from the valves with the help of 3M car care products. Buy 3M car care products online in India at competitive price through Vicky. in online shopping store. The car care products are available for all cars which include Maruti Alto, Maruti Swift, Maruti Dzire, Chevrolet Beat, Hyundai i20, Toyota Innova, Hyundai Eon, Tata Nano, Mahindra Bolero and so on. The 3M car care products prices between 500 to 3000 and above. Related Searches : 3m car care india, 3m car care, 3m, 3m universal fsc, 3m radiator flush, 3m engine oil flush, 3m engine oil additive, advantages of 3m car care products, buy 3m car care products online in india, 3m car care products prices