Sonax Car Care India Sonax, founded in 1949 has its origin in the silver polish “Sona” and then adding “X” as a synonym for “Wax” which is considered to be the most successful car care manufacturer. The car care products produced by Sonax are of premium and high quality materials. Nowadays Sonax offers car waxes, interior and exterior cleaners, a tire gel, paint cleaners and auto shampoo. Their products always performs good and provides better and bright shine. For every interior and exterior problem of car, sonax has a solution. The world leader Sonax keeps a car clean, tidy and glossy, protect and care for car paintwork etc. Apart from that, it helps in removing stuck-on insects, tress resin droplets, bird droppings and tar stains. Sonax offers lot of car care products which includes Wind Screen Wash Concentrate, Multisponge, Clear Glass Foam, Gloss Shampoo, Wash & Wax, Car Interior Cleaner, Car Polish, Wheel Cleaner, Paintwork Gloss, X treme Active Shampoo etc. Let us see one by one. Sonax Car Shampoo Sonax Car Shampoo helps in clearing all types of dirts on paintwork surfaces, metal, glass, plastics, rubber, tiles, porcelain and enameled surfaces. Sonax Octane Booster It helps in increasing the octane rating of leaded and unleaded fuels and improvement in engine power. The octane booster caters petrol for smooth, no-knock combustion, valve-seat recession protection and high powered performance of hard-driving times. Sonax Car Polish The car polish under the brand name sonax is used for easy removing slight scratches and retains the shine. It is very easy to apply, clean and its carnauba wax content assures a long-lasting protection. Sonax Clear View The 1:100 clear view is a highly concentrated cleaning product mainly for the windscreen washer during summer. This helps in preventing insects, oil, soot, silicone and dangerous dazzling films. This will be apt for superior quality Xenon headlamps and light diffusing plastic headlamps in clear-glass optic. Sonax Cockpit Spray The cockpit spray mainly focuses on car interior plastics in which it possess a dust repellent effect and it maintains wooden fittings. The Silicone-free spray fetches a new, bright shine and fresh fragrance to the cockpit. Sonax Paintwork Gloss Sonax paintwork gloss is mainly for the care of new and weathered metallic and standard paints. The gloss helps in cleaning, polishing and sealing the paintwork. If your vehicle looks so attractive, just purchase sonax car care products online in India at competitive prices from the Shopping online store. Related Searches : Sonax Car Care India, Sonax, Sonax Car Shampoo, Sonax Octane Booster, Sonax Car Polish, Sonax Clear View, Sonax Cockpit Spray, Sonax Paintwork Gloss, purchase sonax car care products online in India