Slime India Slime is said to be a worldwide leader in innovative tire care which offers tire sealants, tire inflator, safety spair kit etc., of superior quality. Their motto is that they should create the products with latest tire repair technology which ensures good safety for the user, the tire and the environment. The slime tire inflator is perfect for the trucks, SUV’s, and every motorcycle which maintains proper tire pressure. The slime tire sealant is exclusively for repairing a flat tire and come back on the road. The instructions for slime tire sealant application as follows. 1) In this, the black cap is considered to be a valve core remover tool which should be unscrewed from the top of the cap. This would remove the valve core from inside the tire valve stem. 2) Connect the filler tube which is provided to both the valve stem and bottle. 3) Squeeze some amount of tire sealant. 4) Screw valve core back into tire valve stem 5) Just rotate the tire in order to spread sealant equally to the puncture area if used as a repair. The tire inflator is for maintaining the air pressure which is on the outside of the tire. Buy slime products online in India at a reasonable cost which ranges from Rs.500 to Rs.20000 and above. Related Searches : Slime, Slime India, slime tire inflator, slime tire sealant, slime tire sealant application, Buy slime products online in India