Xenos India Xenos products are completely known for its best comfort and convenience. Nowadays modern automobiles are moving towards offering all the car accessories which makes the journey a wonderful, memorable and safe. Xenos car accessories are satisfying the needs of the modern day automotive experience. Xenos has been a leading manufacturer since 2002 which provides a wide range of automotive accessories. It will supply accessories for motorcycles, cars, passenger vehicles, luxury buses, heavy commercial vehicles or tractors. Xenos product catalogue involves four categories namely 1) Safety and Security 2) Entertainment 3) Convenience Products 4) Car Care Products Xenos security systems are of supreme quality which includes vehicle security systems, gear shift locks, two-wheeler start systems, reverse parking systems and so on. This security accessory ensures better safety. While reversing the car, these accessories sense and find the distances between the rear of the car from the detected obstacles. If an obstacle is identified, the driver can make sure with the audible beep sound, warning lights and digital distance measurements. Xenos car reverse parking system price is very reasonable while compared with other manufacturer. Xenos Entertainment segment consists of head units, amplifiers, active subwoofers, speakers and tft lcd monitors. Xenos Head unit models are RAU 50/75, XCT-MP3U-165, XCT-DVU-165 etc. Similarly, XCT-2CH-400 and XCT-4CH-800 are the two models available under Xenos car amplifier. XCT-ASW-300 is the best active subwoofer of Xenos and various models of high efficiency Xenos car speakers are also available in Vicky.in online shopping store. Xenos plays an important role in the production of car care products to meet the demands of modern automotives. The Xenos car care products involves wash products, wax products, polish products, interior products, glass products, wheel/tire products, speciality products and air fresheners. Platinum performance car wash and zip wash ensures brilliant streak free finish. In addition to all, Xenos offers car mobile charger, car laptop charger, cigarette lighters and power sockets. Buy Xenos products online in India at an attractive price from the online shop and makes your car with Xenos accessories and enjoy the journey for long hours. Related Searches: Xenos India, Xenos, Xenos car accessories, Xenos security systems, Xenos car reverse parking system price, Xenos Head unit, Xenos car amplifier, active subwoofer of Xenos, Xenos car speakers, Xenos car care, Buy Xenos products online in India