Tyvek Car Cover India Tyvek is considered to be a world leader in automotive finishes which offers a car body cover for protecting against the elements and environmental pollution. The Dupont Tyvek boasts a 3-piece protection system designed to give high protection of painted surfaces. The Tyvek car cover features an unique flash-spunbonded process to produce a fabric for resisting water and damaging UV rays. The sun can affect paint, car interiors, rubber, leathers and so on. The Dupont tyvek car covers are easy to handle and maintain. And it needs small space to keep the cover. This car covers minimizes the need for often washing and it keeps the interiors very cooler. It can prevent from dirt, dust, stains and many more. The tyvek car cover cost ranges between Rs.1000 to Rs.3000 and above. If you want to keep your vehicle safe, just buy tyvek car cover online through Vicky.in shopping store. Related Searches : Tyvek, Tyvek Car Cover India, Tyvek car cover, Dupont tyvek car covers, tyvek car cover cost, buy tyvek car cover