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Buy tyres online in India. shopping, which is the one stop shop for car and bike tyres  provides the customers tyres from all popular brands. The price of the car tyre ranges from 3000 to 45000 and above. The fast moving car tyres in India includes Alto, Swift Dzire, Bolero, Nano, i20, Eon and many.  The main purpose of the tyre is to support the vehicle load and to transmit driving and braking forces to the road. Natural or Synthetic rubber is used as a raw material for the car and bike tyre manufacturing. People can collect the best tubeless tyres suited for Indian roads from the online shopping store.  The popular tyre company includes Yokohama, Pirelli, MRF, Michelin, Kumho, JK, Goodyear, Continental, Ceat, Bridgestone, Apollo, Hankook and Stamford. We are able to deliver the tyres across the main cities namely Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Gujarat, Chennai and Kolkata. We sell conventional and performance tyres for both cars and bikes. Get best price on all tyres.

A tyre is a cushion provided with an automobile wheel. It consists of mainly the outer cover i.e., the tyre proper and the tube inside.  The tyre-tube assembly is mounted over the wheel rim.  It is the air inside the tube that carries the entire load and provides the cushion. Some more functions of the tyre is to provide cushion against shocks and to provide cornering power for smooth steering.

Properties of Tyres

The important properties of tyres includes

1)      Non-Skidding

2)      Uniform Wear

3)      Load-Carrying

4)      Cushioning

5)      Power Consumption

6)      Tyre Noise

7)      Balancing

There are two types of tyres namely Conventional tyre with a tube and Tubeless tyre. The Skeleton of the tyre is of three types which involves Cross or Bias ply, Radial ply and Belted-bias type. The materials of the tire for a light vehicle comprises Synthetic rubber, Natural rubber, Bead wire, Carbon black, Tire cord and other chemicals.

The performance of the tyre is affected by the factors such as inflation, vehicle maintenance, manner of driving, seasons, position in which tire is fitted, road conditions etc. The tyres should be handled carefully. Never let the tyres come into contact with any petroleum product e.g. petrol, diesel, mobil oil etc. Petroleum products tend to damage rubber. It is necessary to check the tyres often to find out any cracks. Additionally, it is very important that rounding corners at high speed, driving very fast over rough roads, braking very hard etc., are the habits which definitely decrease the tyre life. Not just for racy drivers but common drivers must also pay attention to the tyres for safety concerns. Good and high quality tyre ensures safety and enjoyable riding. The bike tyre available in the store are Bajaj Discover, Pulsar, Yamaha FZ, Honda Activa, Unicorn, TVS Apache, Scooty etc.

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