Sony Car Music System The well known manufacturer Sony comes with an unique style, premium audio, video and navigation systems. The components of sony is very easy to access and it is of supreme quality. Nowadays people are very interested in listening music if they are committed in some other work such as reading, writing, working, travelling, driving etc. So Sony is best to satisfy the needs of the consumers and make them to feel so happy. Compared to other manufacturers, Sony is considered to be one of the largest electronic conglomerates founded in the year 1946. In addition to car audio system, it also offers electronics, video game consoles, information technology, video equipment, communications equipment and some other products. The logo of sony stands for quality, trust and commitment to customer service. Sony is always at the top for its car audio electronics industry. Sony caters a huge variety of products which includes car receivers, speaker, subwoofers, amplifiers etc. Sony with its excellent designs, high quality raw materials and advanced technology it ensures brilliant performance. Sony Xplod Tweeter XS-H20S is a ¾” Tetron soft dome tweeter along with in-line crossover which provides distortion-free, perfect sound reproduction. Sony Xplod delivers a long-lasting quality along with best sound quality at an affordable price. Sony XS-GTR1202L woofer is nearly 30 cm with single voice coil type. The effective frequency ranges between 30 Hz-1000 Hz with 4 ohm impedance. Sony Xplod amplifier XM-GTX6042 comes with MOSFET power supply, maximum output power and 4 number of channels. A Sony amplifier always offers more power to play music more loudly. Apart from others, Sony is the best so buy sony car audio online in India at competitive prices from the shopping online store. Related Searches : Sony Car Music System, Sony, car audio system, Sony Xplod Tweeter, Sony Xplod, Sony XS-GTR1202L woofer, Sony Xplod amplifier XM-GTX6042, best so buy sony car audio