• Silverlit - RC Cars - V-Beat Air Guitar

Silverlit - RC Cars - V-Beat: Air Guitar


Rock out to your favorite tracks with V-Beat Air Guitar! Whether you want to strum your heart out like a musically challenged pop group or throw yourself body, soul and air guitar into a rocking Led Zeppelin guitar solo, we've found the perfect platform to launch your musical dream in the tidy package V-Beat Air Guitar. V-Beat Air Guitar gives all wannabe pop and rock stars a dummies guide to rocking on, with a miniature guitar you can't fail to get the hang of. The body and neck of your air guitar are broken into two separate pieces like your very own authentically smashed up guitar of rock legends. Move the neck closer or further away from the body to adjust pitch and use the pick to strum ultra sonic sensors for major, minor and 7th chords. Easy! Play with background melodies or improvise with your own music jam. You can even plug in your MP3 player to the small base unit and rock out to your favorite tracks. Rock and roll!


  • Realistic virtual reality air guitar
  • Advanced motion sensitive sensors
  • Rock on freestyle or to pre-programmed melodies
  • Plug in your MP3 player and thrash to your favorite tracks
  • Three Play Modes
    • Freestyle (Free playing)
    • Easy Go (play pre-programmed rhythms)
    • Pop Academy (guided learning step by step)

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Silverlit - RC Cars - V-Beat Air Guitar

  • Brand: Silverlit
  • Categories: RC Cars 
  • Product Code: VKY1314
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  • Rs.1,990.00


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