• Silverlit - RC Cars - PalmZ Series Stingray

Silverlit - RC Cars - PalmZ Series: Stingray


Modelled on Stingrays, the beautiful ocean inhabitants that appear to fly through the water, heres another highly innovative RC flying toy from Silverlit.

Silverlit are perhaps best known for their tiny range of helicopters, but thats by no means all they offer and the Stingray is one of a new line of unusual craft that offer fascinating and fun flight experiences. This unique ray shaped indoor aircraft is capable of some hugely impressive stunts and flight manoeuvres, including vertical spins and torque rolls. Pinpoint precision landings are also possible, thanks to the advanced level of control offered.

It also has a slow flying feature for extra control in smaller spaces indoors that makes it exceptionally simple to control, but for larger areas, theres also a special booster which increases the range at which the Stingray can be flown.

- New for 2008, the Silverlit Stingray
- Its tiny, with a wingspan of only 16cm and weighing in at only 10 grammes
- Its both lightweight, and safe and easy to fly
- Styled on the Manta Ray, it has a flashing LED light and proportional control.
- LIPO battery, charge in 15 minutes for 10 minutes of play time
- Super wide infrared remote control
- Slow fly feature for small indoor areas
- Li-Poly batteries for extended flying time
- Simple and convenient recharging through controller
- Available in 3 colours
- Tri-band remote control
- Booster feature for extended flight range
- Available in 3 colours

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Silverlit - RC Cars - PalmZ Series Stingray

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  • Categories: RC Cars 
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  • Rs.2,200.00


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