Parrot Car Bluetooth Parrot was established in the year 1994 manufactures wireless devices for cell phones which stands on the cutting edge of innovation. Parrot devices are environment friendly and user friendly wireless devices for easy living and the quality of the products are so good. Among all the devices, smartphone makes the parrot to be a key player of in-car infotainment. The company offers the huge range of hands free systems on the market for cars. Parrot Bluetooth is an unique product which is a combination of latest communication technology with a full set of services dedicated to music. Once it is connected with Bluetooth mobile phone, it allows phone conversations without handling telephone. The Bluetooth device features an user independent voice recognition and voice synthesis which delivers high-quality conversations. A wireless remote control is placed on the steering wheel or dashboard of the vehicle enables the driver to manage the functions of the device along with ipod or iphone songs. Parrot Bluetooth package consists of an external adjustable double microphone with universal mute blue box. In addition, it holds usb cable and some other accessories. Get the Parrot car Bluetooth online in India at an affordable price from the shopping online store. Parrot Bluetooth Unika, Minikit Manual, CK3000EVO, CK3100 LCD, MKi9000, MKi9100, MKi9200 are the available products. Related Searches : Parrot Car Bluetooth, Parrot, Parrot devices, Parrot Bluetooth, wireless remote control, Get the Parrot car Bluetooth online in India, Parrot Bluetooth Unika