LS2 Helmets India LS2 is best known for its high end motorcycle and racing helmets which are designed with high quality raw materials. An LS2 helmet ensures comfort and safety at reasonable cost. LS2 product catalogue includes Open Face Helmets, Beanie, Motocross, Full Face Helmets and Module Helmets. In addition, it offers off-road helmets, snow helmets, half helmets etc. LS2 brings helmets for adult, junior motorcyclists and snow mobilists. These are made of materials such as polycarbonates, fiberglass and carbon fibres. LS2 MX433 helmet The LS2 MX433 features a painted high pressure thermoplastic technology resin shell, front and top air intakes along with rear extractors. The fabric of the helmet looks very dry and it has a removable and machine washable interiors. LS2 Piston Head Helmet The piston head helmet is a ECE certified sport-style helmet nearly about 1.3 kilo which is a light weight compared with other helmets. Forehead vents and jaw vents looks so pretty. LS2 Dragon Helmet LS2 dragon helmet possess a multi-position clear visor and anti-scratch polycarbonate 3D shield inside. It comes with fully removable and machine washable interiors. All the helmets under the brand LS2 are developed on the basis of high pressure thermoplastic technology. LS2 Phobia Helmets The phobia helmet consists of an optional visor devices prepared for pin lock and tear-off. It has a sun visor twin shield internal with ergo touch control as well as it has in and out ventilation system. Apart from the other, it has liner moisture wicking, anti-odour, anti-bacterial, removable, washable and soft fabric. Buy LS2 helmets online in India at moderate prices through the Vicky. in shopping online store. The price of LS2 helmet ranges from Rs.4000 to Rs.10000 and above. Related Searches : LS2 Helmets India, LS2 helmet, LS2 MX433 helmet, LS2 Piston Head Helmet, LS2 Dragon Helmet, LS2 Phobia Helmets, Buy LS2 helmets online in India, price of LS2 helmet, Open Face Helmets, Full Face Helmets