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Osram - 2850 CW-02B 1W 12V W2,1X9,5D BLI2DK - Set of Two pcs
Osram - 2850 WW-02B 1W 12V W2,1X9,5D BLI2DK

Osram - 2850 WW-02B 1W 12V W2,1X9,5D BLI2DK

Osram - 2850 WW..


Osram - Halogen Lamps - H4 - 130-90W 24V 62249 P43t
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Head Lamp

HeadLamp Bulbs online

Buy car headlamp bulb online in India at attractive price.  The cost of headlamps ranges from 500 to 20000.  Customers can collect headlamps from various brands such as Osram, Philips, Hella etc., from the leading Vicky.in online shopping store.

Headlight Switches

Headlight switches are either mounted on the dash panel or part of a multifunction switch on the steering column. The headlight switch controls most of the vehicle’s lighting systems.  The most common style of headlight switch has three positions: OFF, PARK, and HEADLIGHT.  A headlight switch normally receives direct battery voltage at two of its terminals. This allows the light circuits to be operated without having the ignition switch in the RUN or ACC (accessory) position.

When the headlight switch is in the OFF position, the open contacts prevent battery voltage from continuing on to the lamps.  When the switch is in the PARK position, battery voltage is applied to the parking lights, side markers, taillights, license plate lights, and instrumental panel lamps. This circuit is usually protected by a 15 or 20-amp fuse that is separate from the headlight circuit. When the switch is in the HEADLIGHT position, battery voltage is applied to the headlights.

Car Headlight Designs

Headlight switches are basically one of three designs. A common switch setup is the rotary switch. Turning the knob of the switch to the PARK or HEADLIGHT position energizes the appropriate lights. The switch’s knob also serves as the dimmer control for the instrument panel light. Some vehicles use a push-button switch. The driver merely pushes a button for the desired set of lights.  When this type switch is used, there is a separate instrument panel light control. There is also a separate panel light control when vehicles are equipped with a steering column mounted headlight switch. To select the desired lighting mode, the driver turns the knob at the end of the switch.

The dimmer switches provides  a way for the driver to switch between high and low beams.  A dimmer switch is connected in series with the headlight circuit and controls the current path to the headlights.  The low beam headlights are wired separately from the high beam lamps. Newer vehicles have the dimmer switch on the steering column.  This prevents switch failure and increases driver accessibility.

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