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Bike Filters and car filter Online Online Shopping store offers all type of filters for both bikes and cars. Customers from major cities like Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Gujarat, Kolkata etc., can be able to get the filters as per their needs.  The price of car filter ranges from 150 to 2000. The best company for filters are Bosch Filter, K&N Filter and Purolator. There are five types of filters. They are air, oil, cabin, petrol and diesel filter.

Oil Filters

Oil filters is one of the main type in which the lubricating oil is used. The commonly used materials for filtering are wire gauze, cotton, felt, paper, plastic-impregnated paper etc. The filtering element must let the oil pass through without much resistance, but should prevent the undesirable particles from entering the oil gallaries. The oil filtering system can be implemented in two ways such as By-pass system and Full flow system. The oil filters is of two types namely primary and secondary. The secondary filters are used in the automobile engines which can be classified into three kinds cartridge type, edge type and centrifugal type. The store offers the oil filters for cars includes Santro, Scorpio, Beat, Verna, Figo, Omni, Eon and so on.

Fuel Filters

In this type of filter, fuel such as petrol or diesel can be used. The most commonly used filter for cleaning petrol is the fine mesh gauge.  It has worked very well, where large dust particles are involved, but has not proved much effective.  A very simple and effective device used is the ordinary chamois leather, which if first moistened with petrol will allow only the petrol to pass through it and the water will be intercepted.

Air Filters

The air filter’s work is to filter out particles of dirt while allowing a free flow of air so that the engines can breathe. A filter filled with lot of dust particles will cause loss of power and fuel economy. Most of the air filters consider paper as their filter medium. Many cars is in need of the filter to be checked or changed every 10,000 to 20,000 miles. Air filter for bike such as bajaj discover, pulsar, Honda unicorn, Hero Honda passion etc., are available in the store.

When the filter is dirty, just throw away the old and buy K&N filter online or bosch filters from the leading Shopping store.

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