Classique Car Accessories Classique is the top manufacturer for car accessories which offers products of high quality. Its product catalogue involves light weight aluminum carriers, front crash guards, rear guards, prokits and skirting, spoilers, wheel caps, dicky tray, roof rail and silencer pipes. These car accessories are suitable for cars such as Toyota Innova, Chevrolet Tavera, Mahindra Scorpio etc. Classique delivers world class quality products with style, comfort and safety. Classique is known to be a brand leader in exterior auto accessories. Classique Car Front Guard The classique front guard comes in different designs and they are designed based on the car. The guard is developed which matches the looks and dynamics of the car. These front guards are not only for saving the vehicle but also it gives a stunning appearance. Classique front guards are having robust designs, precision engineered and available in attractive colours. Classique Crash Guard Different types of rear guards are available under the brand Classique. Classique rear guards are very stylish, comfortable and ensures better safety. The rear guard is also available for all makes and models with supreme quality. Classique Luggage Carrier Hindalco is the channel used in the aluminum carriers and its thickness is about 2mm. The first process involved is buffing which is followed by anodizing. The luggage carriers comes in small, medium and large size. The small size cars includes Maruti Alto, Maruti Zen, Tata Indica etc., whereas the medium size cars such as Chevrolet Tavera, Toyota Innova and Toyota Qualis. Tata Sumo, Mahindra Scorpio, Tata Sumo Grande are the large size cars in which the luggage carriers are available. Classique Spoilers Classique spoilers are light weight and having aerodynamic design with the clamp fitment. It consists of left and right indicator along with the centre light brake light. Drilling of holes is not required for the spoilers under the brand name classique. Buy Classique car accessories online in India at competitive prices from the shopping online store. Customers from major cities such as Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore etc., are allowed to receive their products without any damage. Related Searches : Classique Car Accessories, Classique, car accessories, Classique Car Front Guard, Classique Crash Guard, Classique Luggage Carrier, Classique Spoilers, Buy Classique car accessories