Car Engine Oil

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MAK - Lubricant - Tata Motors PCD CH4 - 1ltr
MAK - Lubricant - Tata Motors PCD CF4 - 1ltr
MAK - Lubricant - Classic 20 W 50 SG - 500ml
MAK - Lubricant - Elite 15 W 40 SJ - 500ml
MAK - Lubricant - Supreme 10 W 30 SM - 500ml
Motul - Car Engine Oil - 2000 MULTI DIESEL 15W40 -4L
Motul - Car Engine Oil - 4000 MOTION 10W30 - 3L
Motul - Car Engine Oil - 6100 Synergie 15w50 - 1L
Motul - Car Engine Oil - 8100 X-CESS 5W40 - 1L
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Car Engine Oil

Buy car engine oil at best price at online store. You can choose from the wide range of car engine oil from best brands Mak, Castrol ,Shell, Mobil 1, Motul, Valvoline, Servo, elf and total India. online shop for car engine oil, also sells branded oil like Mobil Super (Maruti), Mobil super XHP (tata), MAK TATA SPIROL, Shell helix, Maruti Genuine Oil and  Hyundai genuine oil.

A lubricant is a blend of base oils and performance enhancing additives as required by engine, gear box and other application area. Of the lubes, engine oil is the most important one. Mineral oil is based on oil derived from nature unlike synthetic oils which are made in laboratories using chemical compounds. Semi-synthetic is a blend of mineral and synthetic oil. Multi grade oils are popular and are rated typically with 2 numbers ie: 15w40 which shows the thinness (viscosity) at low temperature (W=Winter) and the thickness  (viscosity)  at high temperature. As the load in diesel engine oil is much higher compared
to gasoline oil, diesel lubes should have higher antiwear properties

An engine oil should offer engine protection, low piston deposits and also prevent wear &tear. Lubricants from various popular brands like Mobil, Shell, Castrol, Servo, bp, Valvoline, elf, Gulf and Veedol. The change of oil filters is recommended with every oil change considering the impurities of fuel and dusty condition of India. Use only prescribed car engine lubricants not motorcycle lubes, which are designed for a totally different purpose. The quality of an engine oil is determined by SAE viscosity grades and by API service classifications.

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