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Car Cover

Car Covers in India

Car covers are meant to protect the car from all dangers. Car covers protect the car from UV radiation, dust, rain, snow and more. It protect the car from all the weather hazards and helps it look as new. Buy car cover online in India at attractive cost. Good quality car cover is waterproof and radiation proof to protech your car paint. Waterproof car covers for any car. Car covers for Maruti alto, zen,estilo,wagon-r,ritz,swift,dzire and Tata indica,indigo,sumo,safari and Mahindra bolero,scorpio and Chevrolet tavera,beat,spark,aveo.

Sun radiation is detrimental to both the interior and exterior of cars. The interiors of a car can get ruined when left in the heat, and the car will get extremely stuffy and unbearable to drive. On the outside, the paint-work and finish of the car gets bleached in the sun’s rays and gives it faded and dated look. On the other side torrential rain is will leaver water-marks over the exterior of the car. Waterproof car cover is the only solution. The acid found in the rain will also cause the paint-work to disintegrate and peel, leaving the exterior looking rather patchy. Finally, rain will also in formation of rust in the car.

Strong wind can harm a car too, the rubble, stones, and sticks can scratch and scrape the car. Car out in the snow will also behave errantly.Natural nuisances like birds muck, tree sap and dust leave permanent marks on the car and are near impossible to remove. It takes hours upon hours to fully remove these stains. A car cover would protect the car from all the above hazards

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