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Bosch-Car Battery-s4-Tata-Safari,Sumo,Spacio Grande
Bosch-Car Battery-s4-Tata-Indica D,Indigo D and Marina D
Bosch-Car Battery-s3-Tata-Indica D,Indigo D and Marina D
Bosch-Car Battery-s5-Tata-Vista-Aura and Indigo Manza-Aura
Bosch-Car Battery-s5-Tata-Indica P,Indigo P and Marina P
Bosch-Car Battery-s4-Tata-Indica P,Indigo P and Marina P
Bosch-Car Battery-s3-Tata-Indica P,Indigo P and Marina P
Bosch-Car Battery-s4-TOYOTA-Prado

Bosch-Car Battery-s4-TOYOTA-Prado

Bosch-Car Batte..


Bosch - Car Battery - s4-TOYOTA-Innova D and Qualis
Bosch-Car Battery-s5-TOYOTA-Corolla P and Innova P
Bosch-Car Battery-s4-TOYOTA-Corolla P and Innova P
Bosch-Car Battery-s5-TOYOTA-Corolla Altis D

Bosch-Car Battery-s5-TOYOTA-Corolla Altis D

Bosch-Car Batte..


Bosch-Car Battery-s4-Mahindra Armada,Commander and Marshal
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Car Battery

Car Battery Online

Vicky. in is the India’s first online multi-brand battery store which offers genuine batteries with manufacturer warranty. All well-known car batteries such as Exide, Amaron, Sonic are available in the store. is able to deliver the products in all major cities such as Delhi, Noida, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata and so on.  The car batteries price ranges from 2000 to 20000.

Besides selecting a battery based on its capacity and rating, the proper battery is also one that fits. The battery should fit the battery holding fixture and the hold-down must be able to be installed. It is also important that the height of the battery not allow the terminals to short across the vehicle’s hood when it is closed. BCI group numbers are normally given on the battery and are used to indicate the physical size and other features of the battery. The size of the battery does not always indicate the current capacity of a battery.

Factors Affecting Battery Life :

There are several factors affecting battery life. Some of them are as follows.

1)      Improper electrolyte levels

2)      Corrosion

3)      Overcharging

4)      Poor Mounting

5)      Undercharge/Sulfation

6)      Cycling 

Battery Types

There are two types of batteries namely low maintenance(non sealed) and maintenance free (non-sealed or sealed). The maintenance free battery provides longer life, faster recharging, greater overcharge resistance, reduced terminal corrosion and longer shelf life.  

The car batteries possess a highly corrosive material which is said to be sulfuric acid electrolyte. The sulfuric acid electrolyte in the battery produces gases after recharged and explode during ignition. To implement this process, it requires good ventilation, protective clothing and other safety measures which assures the safety of the car as well as the driver. If the battery is damaged, buy car battery online in India at attractive discounts. The car battery is available for cars such as swift, dzire, figo, i10, santro, beat, innova, bolero and so on.

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