Bosch India The legendary manufacturer Bosch is a leading provider of technology and services in the fields of automotive, industrial technology, consumer goods, building technology. Bosch mainly aims on innovations to make driving very safe, clean and also it should be economical. The Bosch product catalogue includes filters, car battery, wiper blades, coolants, brake systems, car spark plug, horns, bulbs etc. Bosch Filters Bosch filters are very safe and good while compared with other. The filter is classified into five types namely air filter, oil filter, petrol filter, diesel filter, cabin filter. The bosch filter price ranges from Rs.150 to Rs.2000. If you wish to replace the filter, just buy bosch filters online in India through the shopping store. Bosch Car Battery Bosch car batteries provides good corrosion resistance, greater electrical conductivity and a maintenance free battery experience. It is very easy to charge and it reduces the danger of ignition from external sources. Additionally, it offers long life for the vehicle. Bosch Wiper Baldes The Bosch wiper blades are helpful in giving clear vision for the car driver which assures safety. This wiper blade is very easy to fit and it is highly durable. Bosch wiper blades comes with an innovative design which offers maximum performance. Bosch Braking System The braking system of Bosch is highly advanced and environment-friendly. The Bosch brake pads are available for all passenger cars, SUVs, MUVs which provide high comfort and performance with less pedal effort. DOT3 is considered to be the most commonly used Bosch brake fluid in vehicles. Bosch Horns Bosch horns can be used in bikes, 3-wheelers, cars, MUVs, LCVs and tractors. The bosch horns possess an exclusive designs, high quality and compact size. Different types of horns are available under the brand Bosch. Related Searches : Bosch India, Bosch, Bosch Filters, bosch filter price, buy bosch filters online, Bosch Car Battery, Bosch Wiper Baldes, Bosch Braking System, Bosch brake pads, Bosch brake fluid, Bosch Horns