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Bike Spark Plug - NGK - Iridium IX - Yamaha Ray, Alpha
Bike Spark Plug - NGK - Iridium IX - Honda CBR250R
Bike Spark Plug - NGK - Iridium IX - Hero Impulse
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Bike Spark Plug - NGK - G-Power - Hero Impulse
Bike Spark Plug - NGK - Conventional - Yamaha Ray, Alpha
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Bike Spark Plug

Iridium Spark Plug for Bikes

Spark plugs is important for engine life and performance. A quality spark plug is a critical part in the production of good sparks; NGK iridium spark plugs are widely popular across the world and known for its superior performance. In NGK iridium spark plug, Iridium is used at the tip of the center electrode and is highly resistant to carbon fouling. Buy NGK Spark Plug in India for any bike in India - bajaj pulsar, tvs apache, yamaha fazer, hero honda karizma and yamaha rx100. NGK spark plugs at best price.

Every type of ignition system uses spark plugs.  The spark plugs provide the crucial air gap across which the high voltage from the coil flows in the form of an arc. The three main parts of the spark plug are the steel core, the ceramic core, or insulator, which acts as a heat conductor; and a pair of electrodes, one insulated in the core and the other grounded on the shell. Spark plugs come in many different sizes and designs to accommodate different engines. To fit properly, spark plugs must be of the proper size and reach.  Another design factor that determines the usefulness of a spark plug for a specific application is its heat range.

Size of Spark plug

Automotive spark plugs are available in either 14-18 millimeter diameters.  All 18-millimeter plugs feature tapered seats that match similar seats in the cylinder head and need no gaskets.  The 14-millimeter variety can have either a flat seat that requires a gasket or a tapered seat that does not. The latter is the most commonly used.  All Spark plugs have a hex-shaped shell that accommodates a socket wrench for installation and removal. The 14-millimeter, tapered seat plugs have shells with a 5/8-inch hex; 14-millimeter gasketed and 18-millimeter tapered seat plugs have shells with a 13/16-inch hex.

Spark Plug Air Gap

The correct spark plug air gap is essential to achieve optimum engine performance and long plug life. A gap that is too wide requires higher voltage to jump the gap.  If the required voltage is greater than what is available, the result is misfiring. Misfiring results from the inability of the ignition to jump the gap or the inability to maintain the spark.  On the other hand, a gap that is too narrow requires lower voltages, which leads to rough idle and prematurely burned electrodes, due to higher current flow.  Always set the gap according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

When spark plugs must be replaced, follow the recommendations for plug type as specified by the engine and plug manufacturers.  These are recommendations only. However, until you know more about the engine and its operating conditions than the manufacturers do, follow their recommendations. Buy spark plug wires online in India at attractive price.

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