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Available for all bikes and scooters in india

General exclusions for bike roadside assistance–

a)  Any  bike  which has not been maintained regularly as per the guidelines of respective manufacturers and thus is not in roadworthy condition.

b)  Any event where breakdown is caused by deliberately inflicted damage, vandalism or participation in a criminal act or offence.

c)  Any customer history where customer has twice on prior occasions misused or abused the services.

d)  Any event when the driver of the  bike  is found to be in any of the situations that are indicated below:

i.  The state of intoxication or under the influence of  drugs, toxins or narcotics not medically prescribed. For these effects, one is under the effect of alcoholic drinks when the degree of alcohol in the blood is greater than that authorized by the legislation on traffic, motor  bike circulation, road safety, or similar ones in the country where the incident occurs.

ii.  Lack of permission or corresponding license for the category of the Covered Bike or violation of the sanction of cancellation or withdrawal of them.

e)  Those accidents resulting from the illegitimate removal of the Covered Bike.

f)  Those accidents or breakdowns that are produced when the Client or the authorized driver have infringed upon the regulatory ordinances as far as the requisites and

number of persons transported, weight and means of things and  animals that can be transported or the form of handling.

g)  Those happening while the  bike  lacks documentation or requisites (including the Technical Inspection of the  Bikes and Obligatory Insurance) legally necessary to

circulate on public roads in the country where the Covered Bike is found.

h)  Any bike involved in or liable to be involved in legal case prior to or post immobilization.

i)  Those caused by fuels, mineral essences, and other inflammable, explosive or toxic materials transported in the Covered Bike.

j)  Any public bike  like police  bikes and / or fire brigade  bikes and any other  bike  not used for private use are excluded of all the services coverage under these general


k)  Any accident or breakdown caused due to usage of the  bike  for racing, rally and criminal activity purposes.

l)  Assistance to riders of the Covered Bike different to those defined as beneficiaries.

m)  In event of any damage during towing, the maximum liability of AXA Assistance is of Rs 3000 per incidence 

n)  Events which do not render the  bike  immobilised are not covered under the program. 

Some example of such events are given below:

1)  Non-functional horn

2)  Faulty fuel gauge

3)  Non-functional Speedometer

4)  Bike headlights, blinkers not functional during day time.

5)  Non-functional Seat adjustor but the bike can be driven safely

6)  Illumination warning lamp of ABS  warning or traction control or any such non-safety related lights/service warnings lights which do not render the  bike immobilized.

7)  Broken rear-view mirror not obstructing driver’s view.

8)  Damaged or faulty fuel cap but  bike  has sufficient fuel to reach the  nearest authorized dealer

9)  Electronic Bike security system are faulty but do not render it immobilized and the alarm is not hooting continuously

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Bike On Road Assistance - All India

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