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Bike Muffler

Bike Exhaust and bike silencer online in India

Buy bike exhaust online in India., one of the leading muffler online store India for bike exhaust provides wide range of performance silencer. To suit the specific need of the bike owners, we provide best exhaust for bikes such as Bajaj pulsar, Bajaj Discover, TVS Apache, Hero Honda Karizma, Yamaha R15, Hero Honda Hunk, Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme, Honda Unicorn, Hero Honda splendor and more. You can replace the stock silencer with this one for best performance.

The muffler is a cylindrical or oval-shaped component, generally about 2 feet long, mounted in the exhaust system about midway or towards the rear of the bike. Inside the muffler is a series of baffles, chambers, tubes and holes to break up, cancel out, or silence the pressure pulsations which occur each time an exhaust valve opens.

Muffler Types

There are two types of mufflers namely Reverse-flow mufflers and Straight-through mufflers. The Reverse-flow mufflers change the direction of the exhaust gas flow through the inside of the unit. This is the most common type of automotive muffler. Another muffler named Straight-through mufflers permit exhaust gases to pass through a single tube. The tube has perforations that tend to break up pressure pulsations.  They are not as quiet as the reverse-flow type.

There have been several important changes in recent years in the design of mufflers. Most of these changes have been centered at reducing weight and emissions, improving fuel economy and simplifying assembly. Even a well-designed muffler will produce some back pressure in the system. Back pressure reduces an engine‚Äôs volumetric efficiency, or ability to breathe. Excessive back pressure caused by defects in the engine. However, a small amount of back pressure can be used intentionally to allow a slower passage of exhaust gases through the catalytic converter.  This slower passage results in more complete conversion to less harmful gases.  Also, no back pressure may allow intake gases to enter the exhaust.

On some older vehicles, there is an additional muffler, known as a resonator or silencer.  This unit is designed to further reduce or change the sound level of the exhaust.  It is located towards the end of the system and generally looks like a smaller, rounder version of a muffler.

Silencer sound can be varied on premium mufflers available online. Modified exhaust is the prime most -thing when a biker decided to modify a bike. A racy silencer would set the tone for bike modification. Best price silencer and exhaust you get here make you to stand out in the streets of Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata, Gurgaon, Pune, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad and Delhi or anywhere in India.

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