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Car Battery & Bike Battery Online Shopping the only battery online shopping store in India. We offer the customers with various brands of car and bike battery which includes Amaron, Exide, Sonic, Champion and so on. These batteries gives a stunning appearance and offers complete peace of mind with zero-maintenance. The bike battery is mainly to power horn and indicators. The battery cost is very reasonable and good quality.

Battery is one of the most important component of the entire electrical system of a vehicle. The battery supplies the current for starting of the vehicle as well as to ignition system, lighting system and to various electrical/electronic components and accessories. The most widely used battery is the lead-acid type. Apart from this, there are two types of batteries namely Primary battery (disposable) and Secondary battery (rechargeable). The major components of the Car Battery includes Container, Plates, Separators, Cell Covers and Electrolyte.

The battery capacity is defined as the amount of current it can deliver. It depends upon the number and area of plates in the cell and quality of the electrolyte present. Similarly, the rating of a battery is determined by the current it can produce and the time for which it can sustain this current. The batteries can be rated in many ways such as twenty hour rate, twenty minute rate, reserve capacity, and cold rate.

Battery Maintenance

A generator is always provided for constant battery charges. The rate of charging current flowing from the generator to the battery depends upon the state of charge of the battery. The important tests namely Specific Gravity test, Open Volt test, High Discharge test and Cadmium test etc., are mainly for testing the conditions of a battery. The Car batteries must be inspected periodically and it should be clean and tight. Because a loose connection at the terminals will result in a faulty starting and discharged battery. The gas inside the battery is highly inflammable. Battery maintenance should be done properly it should not remain in discharged condition otherwise the plates will become sulphated.

The battery should be handled carefully. While replacingthe car/bike battery, avoid the contact of battery electrolyte with painted surfaces and metal parts which are easily attacked by the acid. Battery electrolyte being corrosive, avoid its contact with eyes, skin and clothers. Do not bring any flame near the battery since it is highly explosive. Use proper protective clothing, i.e., apron, gloves and face shield while handling batteries. For good safety of car, buy different brands of battery online in India.

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