Auto inspector- Vehicle Inspection For Cars

Why you need to inspect

Apart from the real estate, second hand car is the most untrusted market in India. Every other hour people end up buying a vehicle with hidden problems. A proper used vehicle inspection will save you from buying a bad car and will save you from unexpected repair bills. 

Most of the customers and even some roadside mechanics are not conversant with the intricacies and Technologies involved in maintaining and functioning of a vehicle. The outer side of the vehicle may look nice (thanks to waxes and polishes available in the market) and clean but the mechanicals or engine and other parts may tell a different story  altogether. The vehicle might have been involved in an accident and repairs might have been carried out. For a common man it is extremely difficult to ascertain these things. Therefore, inspection of the vehicle by professional automobile engineers assumes extreme importance.

 Buyer –  
1) Buy a used car at a fair price. 
2) Get peace of mind and maximum value for your hard earned money. 
3) Most importantly, your are free of any surprises from your new companion car.
 Seller –
1) Differentiate your vehicle from thousands of similar vehicles available in the market. 
2)  Command a premium value by showcasing our most recognized report


How it works? 

Seller: Make the payment online through vicky shopping. Keep your RC Book ready. Our Customer care executive will call to inspect the vehicle at a convenient time

Buyer:  Ask the seller you need to inspect the vehicle.  Make the payment online through vicky shopping.   Tell the seller my agent will come to inspect the vehicle at your convenient time. Ask him to keep the vehicle’s RC Book ready.  Our Customer care executive will co-ordinate and schedule a convenient time to inspect the vehicle.

What if you report shows trouble in the vehicle? 
You are saved from a bad investment.  A troublesome report, meanwhile, should make you reconsider the purchase, unless the seller is willing to fix all the problems. You are now adept at vehicle repairs and the seller lowers the price accordingly.
Do you cover all vehicles?
Yes, we inspect cars of all brands (manufacturers)

Which cities are covered by you?
We cater to pan India

I have shortlisted more than one vehicle? What are the discount options available?
For multiple vehicles, a discount of 15% shall be allowed to the Customer for each of his additional vehicles.

Can I reschedule the time my appointment?
Yes, you can. However, the rescheduling charges apply depending upon the time frame.

Does the vehicle inspector need my presence?
Your presence during the inspection is not required, but is strongly encouraged

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Auto inspector - Vehicle Inspection For Cars

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