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Alloy Wheels - Neo Alloy Wheels - 12 Velocity CP
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Alloy Wheels - Neo Alloy Wheels - 12 Bullet CP
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Car Alloy Wheels

Alloy Wheels online

Buy alloy wheels in India for all cars – Maruti Swift, Ford Figo, Honda City, Hyundai i10 and many more.  Buy alloy wheels from all popular brands online – neo, memo, lenso, oz, sai mag aura and many more. Alloy wheels replaced steel wheels and cast wheels few years back. Lighter alloy wheels in cars like maruti swift helps not just in performance but also in mileage.  Alloy wheels or rims also add to the aesthetic quotient of the car.  There are quiet number of alloy wheel makers in India which includes neo alloy wheels, sai mag alloys and aura rims.  Imported brands such as oz alloys, lenso car alloy wheels, and momo are popular. The cost of alloy wheels ranges from 10000 to 30000.

Alloy Wheels Advantages

The car alloy wheels are used for various advantages.  Some of them are as follows

1)      It has a character of superior heat dissipation compared to regular steel wheels. This leads to improve brake cooling, reduced brake fading and increases the life of the tire.

2)      It gives a stunning look and appearance.

3)      Alloy wheels are preferred for its excellent handling of road and cornering ability.

4)      It is somewhat lighter than original steel wheel which results in improved fuel efficiency.

5)      The alloy wheels are free from rust, corrosion resistant and no modifications are required.

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