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Tractors in India

Find below information on all new tractors, latest tractors and upcoming tractors of major manufacturers in India. Tractors in India are classified according to make - Eicher,Mahindra,John Deere etc., You can find tractor prices, new tractor showrooms, tractor reviews and other details.

* Tractors in India are classified according to the make, style and price. Few tractor prices make them qualify for two categories. There is no clear definition for body styles however we classified the new tractors in India to the nearest possible category. Latest tractors and upcoming tractors are added everyday so keep visiting for latest tractor prices.

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A piece of heavy machinery that is designed to carry out certain kinds of work, depending upon its size, the type of attachments it has or can support and type of tasks it is designed to accomplish.


Tractors have long been an essential piece of equipment on the farm. They revolutionized the agricultural industry by adding a whole new level of efficiency .Further it has eliminated the laborious work to a greater extent. Now-a-days, tractors are also used in construction, landscaping and industrial settings.Lets have an quick peep over it purpose in agricultural field as well as in non-farming field


Plowing, feeding, planting, cultivating, spraying fertilizers and pesticides

Farmers gets benefitted in following ways, due to the tractor’s appliance

-in breaking up the ground so crops can be planted in cultivated soil for better growth

-in planting seeds and crops rather than by hand

-in weeding between rows to help spread fertilizer and to weed crops

-in gathering some crops to prepare to sell the crops.

Non-farming purpose:

Used in log yards to move logs, in manufacturing and industry or on construction works


Different kinds of tractors are available depending upon its application. They may be grouped into following categories


Riding Lawn Mowers:

These are power units have a 8-25 hp capacity and they are generally equipped with a mower.These do not come with other attachments that could be mounted separately to carry out other jobs.

Lawn and Garden Tractors:

Often this type of tractors is also referred to as compact tractors. They range in size from 12-32 hp and they come with variety of attachments for different jobs. Selected examples of these attachments may include sweepers, seeder, blades and tillers.

Large Tractors:

Large tractors have power in the range of 18-80 hp. Most tractors in this category are light industrial tractors of 20-45 hp. They are widely used on golf courses, parks, schools, and college campuses and they generally have low center of gravity for added stability when working on slopes. Tractors ranging in capacity up to 80 hp and farm tractors are used infrequently in green industry for heavier jobs.


For the proper use of the tractor and for safety purposes,the user must be familiar with the kind of power unit on the equipment. Operating procedures vary significantly depending on the type of power unit. Three types of power units are used on tractors used in green industry and they are as follows:

  • Air cooled engines.
  • Liquid cooled engines.
  • Electric motors.

Air Cooled Engine:

The power units used in lawncare applications generally are air cooled. Since no liquid is used in cooling the engine, they have no radiators. They may be either two or four cycle engines. Tractors used in lawn care applications generally are equipped with 4-cycle engines. One may identify whether the engine is 2-cycle or 4-cycle based on the location of exhaust or muffle, presence of oil sump or information on the name plate.

ALiquid Cooled Engines:

Lawn and garden tractors and large tractors have larger capacity engines. They are either gasoline or diesel engines with a radiator and a fan. Depending on the size, these engines may have two to six cylinders and they run on gasoline, diesel, or LP-Gas. Gasoline engines are more common than the other two. All the engines may look similar. However, they can be differentiated by observing the presence of fuel injectors for diesel engine, and gas tank for LP-Gas engine.

Electric Motors

Storage batteries are also used to power tractors. Electric tractors are generally small and they range from 5-14 hp. Number of batteries on the tractor may depend on its size. Between uses, the batteries are recharged using a built-in charger connected to a standard 120 volt power source.


With each machinary,the manual will be provided for safety and efficient handling of machines .The manual contains information on safety features, servicing information, maintenance schedule and tips for safe operation. They are also unsafe because they are unstable and they overturn more easily. Know these things and follow the below mentioned safety measures.

Tips for Safe Operation of Tractors

  • As the first and foremost step ,before mowing ,its wise to remove all debris that cause damges to the ploughing field
  • Be alert and watch for moving vehicles, people or animals in the work area, before starting to operate the tractor. Be prepared to change course or stop quickly.
  • Avoid mowing too close to trees to prevent damages to trees, and personal injuries from low lying branches.
  • Maintain proper speed during operation to avoid the tractor from getting damaged caused while taking a turn at high speed. Use the widest possible wheel spacing and proper ballasting to improve the stability.
  • Drive at slow speed when operating at the slopes. Use the same gear setting for going up or down the hill and allow the engine will act as a brake. On steep slopes, it is a good practice to go up in reverse to reduce the chances for backward overturning.
  • Stop mower blades before crossing gravel patches.
  • Never get down from the operator's seat while an attachment on the tractor is running.
  • When reversing a tractor, make sure the path is clear. Some lawn and garden tractors have a forward/reverse lever that will reverse the tractor with a short pause.
  • Transfer power slowly to the wheels when driving out of a ditch to avoid a tractor upset.
  • Keep the tractor running under your supervision
  • Do not refuel the tractor when the engine is hot.
  • Do not turn the tractor on in an enclosed area to avoid poisoning from exhaust fumes.
  • Use appropriate safety aids that includes safety shoes, ear protection, respirator, safety glasses, proper clothing.

A well-maintained tractor has a lifespan of 20 to 30 years, even with daily use. If you’re using the tractor less frequently, it could last decades longer.

Features of each tractor:

There are literally hundreds of tractors from which to choose, from compact residential models to heavy-duty machines with more than 300 horsepower. Once you select a model, you’ll also have to choose among a wide variety of features and options. So, if one have the prior knowledge about the features avail with each kind of tractor,it will help you to choose the kind in accordance with your need

  • Four-wheel drive tractor-well suits with the one who plans to use front attachments such as loaders.
  • Two-wheel drive models-preferable for driving at road speeds
  • Tractor with enclosed cab-promotes comfort to the drivers though it costs expensive,also have higher resale values.

There are many tractor manufacturers in India. Here are the list of leading tractor manufacturers

  • John Deere India Private Limited
  • Mahindra & Mahindra
  • Tractors and Farm Equipment Limited (TAFE)
  • Escorts
  • Sonalika (International Tractors Ltd.)
  • New Holland
  • Indofarm Tractors
  • Mahindra Gujarat Tractor Limited (MGTL)
  • Angad Tractors (SAS Motors Limited)

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