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Find below information on all new Cycle, latest Cycles and upcoming Cycles of major manufacturers in India. Cycles in India are classified according to make - BSA, Hero, Avon, Hercules, Mongoose, Huffy, Firefox, Suncross etc., You can find Cycle prices, new bicycle showrooms, Cycle reviews and other details.

* Cycles in India are classified according to the make, style and price. Few Cycle prices make them qualify for two categories. There is no clear definition for body styles however we classified the new Cycles in India to the nearest possible category. Latest Cycles and upcoming Cycles are added everyday so keep visiting for latest Cycle prices.

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The bicycle is the most efficient human-powered means of transportation. Though there is presence of vehicles in the name of cars, truck , buses ,bike etc, the bicycle will remain extraordinarily efficient forever in both biological and mechanical terms. It won’t lose its importance however in bicycle racing , since it serves as the mother of invention for bikes, for which there are many bike-riding passioners. Still there is existence of bicycle-riders.


Bicycling, proves to be the most efficient mode of human location. It seems to be the best exercise for improving one’s health. Let us go through the benefits of cycling one by one.

Safeguard your heart:

Cycling helps in improving the cardiovascular fitness, Also, it prevents from the attack of coronary heart disease.

Strengthen your muscles:

Cycling will tone up your body muscles,

Good for your waistline:

Cycling will maintain your body fitness and further ramp up your metabolism. Overall fast cycling will help you to burn up the calories..

Lengthen your lifespan:

Regular cycling will increase will increase the longevity of your life.

Enhances Co-ordination:

Giving continuous movement to your legs and hands through cycling ,will give right co-ordination.

Relax mind:

It will help to improve the mental health.

Increase the immune power:

With the aid of cycling, immune power will be increased that will stand against certain hazardous dieses like cancer.

Reduces Stress:

Cycling will help you to get out of worries and sink you with the beauty of nature,thus rejuvenating the soul, and eliminates the unnecessary depressions.

Builds up stamina:

It really builds up stamina .You can often feel this ,after having a long ride,


Here are the top bicycle manufacturers of India who are managing to fulfill every Indians dream of riding his first bike. Those pioneers include Atlas, Avon, Bergamont, Bianchi, BSA, Btwin, Cannondale, Decathlon, Firefox, Freemotion, Fuji, Giant, Goldie, GT, Hercules, Hero, Huffy, khs, Kross, La Sovereign, Orbea, Raleigh etc.


There are different kinds of bicycle that can be categorized under

  • Utility Bicycles
  • Mountain Bicycles
  • Racing Bicycles
  • Touring Bicycles
  • Hybrid Bicycle
  • Cruiser Bicycle
Depending upon the following factors
  • Function
  • Number of Riders
  • General Construction
  • Gearing
  • Propulsion
On General, cycles can be classified as,
  • Children Cycles
  • Girls Cycles
  • Ladies Cycle
  • Electric Cycle
  • Kids Cycle


Regarding the purchase of accessories, first and foremost thing you have to focus on safety for which the kits available are helmet, basic safety gear or repair kit.


Outfitting yourself with gear ,that is visible to other motorists will provide you safety . Moreover it provides comfort while touring. Visible or reflective gear is very important, particularly if you are riding in low light conditions (dawn, dusk, night, rain) or in traffic. It is possible to buy road safety gear from varying outlets including bike shops, department stores and road safety shops.


If you are commuting or touring at length you may find a mirror useful so you can check on what cars or other traffic is coming up behind and move appropriately.


To prevent the cycle looting ,it is necessary to have a good security lock and key.

Repair Kits

When you cycle you should take a basic repair kit with you containing a puncture kit, tire levers, spare tube and a multi-tool for making basic adjustments.

Bike Pumps

Bike pumps today are very user friendly, although the kind you need depends on the valve of your tires. Before purchasing the pump , it is necessary to check the presence of valves. Newer models fit directly to the valve and it’s possible to use the same pump for both mountain bike and road biking tires, whereas Traditional models require an extension tube screwed in at one end of the pump. Appropriate tyre pressure has to be checked at your bike shop when inflating your tires.


To protect your software, wear the hardware. Be cautious while selecting the helmets, considering its safety aspects, rather than giving preference to style or price. There are helmets available for different riding styles, for example, downhill mountain biking requires a full face motorbike style helmet. A good helmet should be firmly fitted with no gap between it and your head.

Water Bottles / Water Bottle Holders

A water bottle holder is the best and most common way of carrying water long distances, you may even want to fit a second or third one on your frame. Alternatively you may consider using water bladders in a backpack or saddlebag.

Basket/Saddle bags/Panniers:

Baskets can also be attached for shopping to carry smaller items or even pets. A rack or basket can also be good for carrying a change of clothes or books to school/work. Some have quick release capabilities so you can remove them, while others bolt to your frame.


Lights are used more to make you visible to others than actually illuminating your way, Some lights come with a generator that pushes up against your front or rear tire (when turned on), that generates electricity as you pedal. This eliminates the need for batteries.

Child Carriers or Trailers

If you want to head down to the store, pick kids up from school or tour then you should consider a child carrier or tow trailer. If you do load your bike with gear or with a trailer make sure it has enough low gearing for you to be able to cope with it going uphill.


To free off your bike from mud and water, its wise to make use of fenders.It proves to be powerful particularly during the rainy season.

Bike Cargo Racks / Bike Carriers

Bikes take up a lot of room inside the car and can get dirt and grease on your seats. So if you need to transport your bike or take it away with you on vacation, a bike carrier attached to the roof rack or a tow bar is essential.

Cycling Computer

If you're serious about your riding and want feedback on things like your speed, cycles per minutes, time, distance, etc. you might consider a cycle computer. These attach easily to your handlebars and wheel and can help with training programs.


While you might not need every kind of jersey under the sun, specific bike shirts with a carrying pouch for food, a phone or other equipment are very useful and the material used is breathable. If you’re going out for longer rides you may want to consider cycling shoes. These shoes provide constant contact with the bike allowing you to transfer more of your riding effort when you are pushing and pulling up hills or on the flat.

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