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Construction Equipment is one of the important sectors of the automobiles. Vicky.in displays the information on all new Excavators, latest compactors, backhoe loader, crane, bulldozers, and upcoming excavators of different manufacturers in India. Excavators in India are categorized according to make including JCB, Caterpillar and many more. Find below information on all excavators with prices, new excavator showrooms and reviews.

* Excavators in India are classified according to the make, style and price. Few excavator prices make them qualify for two categories. There is no mt-3 definition for body styles however we classified the new excavators in India to the nearest possible category. Latest excavators and upcoming excavators are added everyday so keep visiting for latest excavator prices.

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Commercial Vehicles:

It is one of the important sectors of the automobile. There are many equipments available for completing the construction project within the planned milestone. Those include excavators, compactors, cranes, bulldozers, backhoe loaders etc. The responsibility lies in the hands of site managers and construction planners in selecting the appropriate type and size of construction equipment. Inappropriate selection will mislead the budget plan through the consumption of excess time and effort thus affecting the job-site productivity.First of all,we should have a knowledge on each kind of equipment,for what purpose they are used for,and how many kinds are available,thus will help you to select the best one among the certified equipments and attachments. So,Lets have a jist over each of the construction equipment.


The excavator is a kind of construction vehicle that is mainly used to dig the earth or to move larger objects. Depending on the two terms namely “size” and “capacity”, excavators varies from small to heavier ones. The heavier the unit, the greater the lift capacity will be in case of large sized excavators. With the smaller ones, the thing that you have to consider is the amount of workgroup movement. The greater the degree of movement, the more will be the flexibility lies in the working factor.


It is mainly used at the construction sites. The machine consits of two parts
  • The driving base
  • Arm attachment

The driving base:

The base has two sets of articulating tracks that gets attached to the side of the excavator. The track s operate like wheels to move the unit .however it tends to provide a larger surface area that creates a more stable base for the machine.A platform lies on the top of the base that will rotate between 180 to 360 degrees.

Arm attachment:

There is a powerful boom arm with an attachment designed for digging.

Control units:

The operators sits inside the cab and controls the arm. There are two sets of control to determine the angle and speed of the movements of the arms and bucket along the vertical axis.
  • One set is to move the actual unit forward and backward
  • Other set controls the arm through the movement on the horizontal plan

Operator Role:

So taking the seriousness of the role of the operator into mind, the person should be cautious while operating. It is required that all the operators should hold the license for the safe operation of this machine. It is too tedious in the place where there is lack of licensed operator, since it will lead to the closure of the working site by the workplace health and safety inspector. If the user wants to purchase the excavator, first he/she should consider the work that one plans to do. Then the person should check the weighing capability of the machine that he is going to purchase whether it is large enough to meet his requirements in a safer mode.


A compactor is machine that is used to remove the waste materials or soil through the process of compaction. It is powered either electronically or by the hydraulics .It vary in size and shape and will be used for different tasks. The commonly used compactor for both domestic and commercial purpose is the trash compactor, that is used for the reduction in the volume of trash. Even for performing one particular task, two or more compactors will get into the usage. For example, in case of scrap metal processing,

Car crusher of “pan-cake”type:

It is being used to flatten a scrap automobile with the aid of huge descending hydraulically powered plate

Baling press:

It is used to compress the automobile from several directions unless it reaches the shape of the cube.

When you consider the case of construction, there are mainly three type of compactors,they are:

  • Plate
  • Jumping jack
  • Road roller


This compactor well suited for a level grade, with a large vibrating base plates.

Jumping Jack:

This kind of compactor with a small foot will compact the backfill in narrow trenches for water or gas supply pipes etc.

Road Roller:

The roller type compactors are used for compacting crushed rock as the base layer underneath concrete or stone foundations or slabs. Vibrating rollers are also available in this kind.

Now-a-days, the compactors play a main role in providing clean and pollution-free environment by removing the wastage from the area. Its usage can be classified under three categories namely commercial, domestic and municipal.

Commercial :

There are compactors available in both hydraulic and electronic modes, with certain loading configurations .It can be seen in restaurants, hotels to reduce the non-recyclable waste.Also in hospitals to reduce the curb nuisance such as rodents and smell.Some popular loading configurations are as follows
  • Ground-access
  • Walk-on
  • Secured indoor chute


There are certain trash compactors either hydraulic or manual that has the capacity to reduce the volume of polysterene to 1/130.


There are solar-powered trash compactors that can hold the equivalent of 200 gallons of trash before they need to be emptied.


These machines that use levers and or pulleys to lift significant weight , thus reducing workload. Cranes can also be used for digging, moving, creating depending on the type. There are many kinds of cranes that includes movable and immovable types. Most of the cranes are movable that includes mobile crane, truck mounted crane, rough terrain cranes, loader cranes, granty cranes. Only the tower cranes belong to the immovable type.


It is a heavy equipment vehicle that consits of tractor like unit fitted with the bucket on the front and the small backhoe on the back,which can be mounted or adjusted to allow digging along the walls .This shows that it is the common variation of the farm tractor. Due to its small size and versatility, it is mostly used in the construction projects for digging holes, transporting materials and equipment ,paving roads etc. It is available in various configurations differ by the term called steering mode.


These are heavy multi-purpose equipment capable of moving heavy loads, mt-3ing rubble especially at the construction sites. Now-a-days these bulldozers are equipped with electronic devices, that ease the handling of the equipment. It has an integral metal blade used to drive a significant magnitude of soil, sand, debris etc generated during construction. Bulldozershave a torque divider that is designed to transform the engine power into enhanced dragging capability.


There are different manufacturers in India in bringing out different construction products .Vicky.in displays the information on all new Excavators, latest compactors, backhoe loader, crane, bulldozers, and upcoming excavators of different manufacturers in India. We mainly concentrate on excavators as it plays a key role at the construction site. Excavators in India are categorized according to make including JCB, Caterpillar and many more.Vicky.in helps you to find information on all excavators with prices, showrooms and reviews.

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