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New Trucks in India

Trucks are also one of the important sectors of the automobiles. The trucks are mainly used for the purpose of carrying large amount of goods and materials which are subdivided on the basis of their size and functions such as rigid trucks, tippers, cabs, delivery vans, trailers, haulage etc. displays the information on all new Trucks, latest auto rickshaws and upcoming trucks of different manufacturers in India. Trucks in India are categorized according to make including Ashok Leyland, Bajaj, Mahindra Force, Tata, Piaggio, TVS and many more. Find below information on all trucks with prices, new Truck showrooms and reviews.

* Trucks in India are classified according to the make, style and price. Latest auto rickshaws and upcoming Trucks are added everyday so keep visiting this page for latest Truck prices.

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Light Commercial Vehicle-synonym lies in it:

When considering the term “Light Commercial Vehicles”, there is no global definition meant for it. It is a small motor vehicle that is used for carrying the passengers and goods in the earlier days. But the purpose of the trucks has been completely transformed into the vehicles that tends to carry only the goods. Every country has assigned its own meaning to the Light Commercial Vehicles, based upon the only criteria the GVW(Gross Vehicle Weight)that each LCV is allowed to carry on. For example, in the US, the government laid out linent rules for licensed driver to carry loads that is even more than 3,500 kgs GVW, which is accepted as a standard in our country. Like that of the meaning that gets assigned with the LCV, it is termed by many names like trucks, cargo van etc.

Fuel quality-not a compromising factor:

Tata and Mahindra are the leading pioneers in the LCV market. The one thing that is to be noted is the high quality in the fuel will be an key factor in the emerging market. Realizing this significant role of the fuel, both the legends are competing with each other in providing optimum mileage to move faster within the city. All these concerns are focused around a motive about enhancing the progress of the company in the automobile sector via quick transportation, that will promote the economic growth of our country.

Why LCV needed most in the market?

We have to keenly look into the reason that why mainly LCV are mostly prefered in the transportation sector,while there are so many options are available in the market.Why the LCV gain more demand in the market?The answer gets laid down in the terms “product performance”,”flexibility at purchase”and “better mileage”.Lets have a detailed view over each aspect.

Product Performance:

Product performance in sense, when compared to that of other vehicles, the LCV used to carry the vehicles that are easily available in the market that can be well mentioned with the usage of the material. It has less loading space into which the freights can be packed.Also,the owners prefer to own the vehicles like this than any other product segment in the Commercial Vehicles. Since LCV would carry only the less weight ,it will take only less time to reach the destination,thus paving a way for the quicker transportation.

Economically beneficial:

When it comes with flexibility,it is the only vehicle that is easily permitted to wander around the city. Besides, LCV costs lesser than other other products,thus answering to the second question that is expected to see the growth in the demand too. An interesting cue is that it is easy to get the after sale service,which is the major concern for the operators. With better improvement in technology,the LCV found to give better mileage than other CV’s.

TATA market leader in LCV:

From the points that have been discussed above, one point remains to be crystal clear that the LCV is the fast growing segment in the Indian Commercial Vehicle sector. Over the years, Tata has been the pioneer in this segment that 50% of the sale on LCV is mainly contributed by this industry. With the introduction of ACE, a small truck seems to be a good competitor against Mahindra, Bajaj Auto and Force Motors, thus have created a drastic change in the Indian LCV market.With the aid of this 4-stroke indirect injection diesel engine that chunks out good mileage and performance, thus occupying the highest position in the market share. The braking and the suspension system holds to be good, thus achieved its “Commercial Vehicle Design” at the BBC-Top Gear Awards. Low priced and Tata ACE has been hugely popular and recorded significant sales in the first year of the production itself. Other than these vehicles,there are also other offering from the Tata that includes Tata 407,Tata 709 etc.

Mahindra Maxximo –mandatory LCV:

However Maruti existence is there in the LCV segment, in the name of Omni Van. But due to the lack of indigenous engine, it can’t stand still. With the launch of Maximmo, Genio it creates the new segment called LCV, thus improving the market shares. Starting with the Gio ,Mahindra step into this category, thus creating India’s first compact truck. It combines the style, status, comfort of a four-wheeler with the low operating and maintanance cost of the three-wheeler. Making use of the 9.1 HP Kohler engine ,Gio claims the best-in-class mileage of 27km per litre. Its compact 0.5 ton cargo box ensures maximum utilization of space. The success achieved by the company through the Gio , tempts them to launch another product named Maxximo , with some variants in the loading capability that was increased to bear up to 800 kgs. Its launch turns out to be the grand success that would take on the likes of Tata ACE. up your needs:

Apart from Tata, Mahindra there are also many automobile players like Maruti Suzuki , Piaggo , Ashok Leyland etc have their own aggressive expansion plans on the show. without lagging behind. With the innovation of new techniques, newer models are being invented provides the information not only on the available vehicles but also the latest news on the upcoming vehicles. So the users can well make avail of this information if you’re in need of any kind of LCV.

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