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Find below information on all new commercial vehicles, latest trucks and upcoming heavy duty vehicles of major manufacturers in India. Commercial Vehicles in India are classified according to make - Ashok Leyland, Tata Motors, Eicher, Volvo, Scania, Piaggio, Force Motors etc., You can find truck prices, new truck showrooms, truck reviews and other details.

* Commercial Vehicles in India are classified according to the make, style and price. Few truck prices make them qualify for two categories. There is no clear definition for body styles however we classified the new heavy duty vehicles in India to the nearest possible category. Latest commercial vehicles and upcoming trucks are added everyday so keep visiting for latest truck prices.

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Commercial Vehicles:

The motor vehicle that is designed to carry the passenger or goods is termed as “ Commercial vehicles”. The vehicle can be termed as "commercial" when it is owned by the propreiter for business purpose, or if the vehicle belongs to the company or the corporation ,then the vehicle holds the term ”Commercial Vehicle”.


There are many kinds of commercial vehicles. Classification is based on the laden weight of each vehicle. That is how much weight the vehicle would carry on. Usually if the vehicle has a tendency to carry up to 4536 kg, then it can be termed as the commercial vehicle. One can notice the Gross Vehicle Weight on the door frame of most power vehicle . On general,the CV can be classified according to Gross Vehicle Weight Rating,that are described as follows.
  • Class 1- GVWR ranges from 0 to 2,722kg
  • Class 2-GVWR ranges from 2,722 to 4,536 kg
  • Class 3- GVWR ranges from 4,536 to 6,350 kg
  • Class 4- GVWR ranges from 6,351 to 7,257 kg
  • Class 5- GVWR ranges from 7,258 to 8,845 kg
  • Class 6- GVWR ranges from 8,846 to 11,793 kg
  • Class 7- GVWR ranges from 11,794 to 14,969 kg
  • Class 8- GVWR is anything above 14,969 kg
Apart from the classification based on the GVW, the classification can also be done based on its usage in the business sector,that includes
  • Service
  • Retail
  • Commercial


This kind includes the transportation of tools, equipment and supplies to and from jobs.


This kind includes transportation of property to and from individual households.


This kind includes transportation of any goods except that of service and retail.

Significance of CV:

The commercial vehicle industry tends to play the key role in the economy, environment, traffic performance ,infrastructure and safety. It serves as the access point in the hilly and rugged areas where the railway lines can’t be constructed anymore. It serves as the quickest mode of transportation, since it can bear lighter loads than the railways. Due to the lighter loading capacity of the Commercial vehicles, it takes only less time to reach the destination. Also,it is the only allowable sector to carry loads to an acceptable level. Thus the commercial vehicles proves to be the sole in the automobile sector. Commercial vehicles are the mode of choice for freight transportation-hence the performance of the commercial vehicle transportation system has direct implications on the economy.

CV Manufacturers:

The Commercial Vehicle Industry have grown up in a fast manner and now it is the flourishing sector of the Indian economy.This sector occupies the major portion in the market share. So many companies came into existence to meet the tough competition in this segment.Thus every Commercial Vehicle manufacturer comes out with the new product at an affordable cost by satisfying certain demands to withstand in the Indian market..Lets have a look at some of the leading CV manufacturers available in India.
  • Tata Motors
  • AMW Motors
  • Ashok Leyland
  • Eicher

Tata Motors:

For many years, Tata has been the leading producer in the CV industry.Tata offers an array of CV that crosses 58 .Tata Motors offers an array of CVs namely, Tata Se 1613, Tata Sk 1613, Tata LPT 1613, etc. The most popular among them are lp-912-ex-bus-chs, lps-4018, lpk2518-hd, lps-3518-tc, lpt-2513-tc-48-cowl, ultra, magic-bs3, sk-1616-tcic.Having a joint venture with Russian based internationally acknowledged CV manufacturer Volvo,Tata has introduced Volvo FH12-340 and Volvo FH12-420 for its Indian customers.

AMW Motors:

`AMW Motors, Gujarat based CV manufacturer that holds upto 4% of the market share in the overall CV category. Though this size seems to be small, it will go a longer way to size up its market share with the introduction of 25-tone category of trucks in the coming years.Currently it has a total of 12 trucks in India. Some of the popular models includes 2518,2516,1618-tp,4923-tr,4023,3118,3116-hl-chs,2528-tp-fbv-box.

Ashok Leyland:

Next to Tata Motors,Ashok Leyland will give a tough competition to the CV giant Tata.Unlike Tata, Ashok Leyland join hands with the renowned conglomerates from its entry point in 1948.Stat from its intialisation about 375,000 vehicles have been manufactured to meet the customer needs.The most popular among them are 3120-il, 2516h3-4c, 1616-xp-1, 3518il, 2518il-lwb, lynx-alpsv-3-45, u3723h, 3116il.The firm is indegenously working hard on the enhancement of the existing commercial vehicles thus the output reaches a total of 62 models in the current market.


It is one of the major commercial vehicle manufacturers that boast of its reasonable priced range of trucks currently adding up to 19 vehicles in India.Some of the popular models includes 10-95, 10-8, 40-4, 11-14, terra-16hdr, 20-16, 11-2, 11-1.

Access to get best:

Now the choice lies in the hands of the customer to choose according to their needs among the variety of products helps you to solve the issue of choosing the best product offered by different CV manufacturers. The site displays the commercial vehicles available in the Indian market. The users can also make avail of the information on upcoming models.

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