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Tractor Subsidy in India

Tractor Subsidy by Government of India- Agriculture Ministry

Under the mechanization component of the Macro-Management Scheme of Agriculture, there is a provision of subsidy for promoting agricultural mechanization.This scheme is open to all the categories of farmers and the subsidy pattern is indicated below:

1.Tractor: @25% of the cost limited to Rs.30,000/- for buying Tractors of upto 35 PTO HP
2. Power Tiller: @25% of the cost limited to Rs.30,000/- for buying Power Tiller (8 HP & above)
3. Self propelled Reaper, paddy transplanter and other similar self propelled machines: @25% of the cost limited to Rs.30,000/-
4. Specialized power driven equipment such Zero-till-Seed Drill, Raised Bed Planter, Sugarcane cutter planter, potato planter, potato digger, groundnut digger, roatavator, straw reaper, strip till drill, tractor drawn reaper, cleaner-cum-grader, dryer, stubble shaver, mobile fruit harvester, power weeder etc.: @25% of the cost limited to Rs.20,000/-
5. Manually operated implements/tools: @25% of the cost limited to Rs.2,000/-

List of tractor of various make models up to 35 pto hp eligible for govt. Subsidy Scheme (approved by ministry of agriculture govt. of India)

Ace 305 NG25.7
Ace DI 854 NG32.1
Captain 120 DI15
Captain 120 DI 4WD15
Captain 200 DI20
Captain 200 DI 4WD20
Captain 250 DI25
Captain 250 DI 4WD25
Captain 273 DI25
Captain 28028
Eicher 241 XTRAC25
Eicher 24225
Eicher 312 SUPER DI32
Escorts 18818
Escorts 425 DS25
Escorts 425 N25
Escorts 430 Plus32
Escorts 43434
Escorts 434 DS34
Escorts Powertrac 434 Ds34
Escorts ALT 300028
Escorts MPT JAWAN25
Escorts Powertrac25
Escorts Steeltrac14
Farmtrac 53533
Farmtrac Atom 2222
Farmtrac Atom 2626
Farmtrac Ferrari26
Farmtrac Hero34
Force Motors Abhiman27
Force Motors Balwan 33031
Force Motors Orchard DLX27
Force Motors Orchard Mini27
Greaves Cotton GS 15 DIL10.9
Gromax Trakstar 53131
Hmt 2522 DX25
Hmt 2522 FX25
Hmt 2522 Orchard Special25
Hmt 3522 DX33
Indo Farm 102626
Indo Farm 2030 DI34
Indo Farm 3050 DI5
John Deere 3028 EN28
John Deere 500533
Kamco Barbieri Garden Tiller5.5
Kamco Kmb9
Kamco Kmb 200 DI12
Kamco Tera Trac11.5
Kranti Agro Ind 1809.2
Kranti Agro Ind 2309.52
Kubota A211N21
Kubota B242024
Kubota B244124
Kubota L340834
Kubota NeoStar A211N21
Kubota Neostar B244124
Kubota NeoStar B274127
Mahindra 245 DI Orchard24
Mahindra 255 DI Power Plus25
Mahindra 265 DI30
Mahindra 275 DI TU20-50
Mahindra 395 DI20-50
Mahindra Bhoomiputra 265 DI MKM31
Mahindra Jivo24
Mahindra Yuvo32
Mahindra Yuvraj 21515-20
Mahindra Yuvraj 215 NXT15
Preet Tractors 254925
Preet Tractors 304930
Sonalika GT Baagban30
Sonalika GT Baagban Super30
Sonalika DI 730 II30
Sonalika DI-730 III30
Sonalika DI 734 S134
Sonalika DI 30 Bagban28
Sonalika Gardentrac DI 2020
Sonalika GT 2020
Sonalika GT 2222
Sonalika GT 2626
Sonalika GT 2828
Sonalika Solis 2020
Sonalika Solis 2626
Southern Agro MCF8.8
Southern Agro Mcf 1518.8
Standard DI-12424
Standard DI-33030
Swaraj 71715
Swaraj 724 XM24
Swaraj 724 XM Orchard24
Swaraj 724 XM Orchard NT24
Swaraj 825 XM25
Tafe and Massey Ferguson 30 DI30
Tafe and Massey Ferguson 6028 4WD28
Tafe and Massey Ferguson MF 1030 DI Mahashakti30
Tafe and Massey Ferguson 30 DI Orchard Plus30
VST Mitsubishi 225 - AJAI Power Plus22
VST Mitsubishi 932 Di30
VST Mitsubishi Shakti MT180D / JAI-2W18
VST Mitsubishi Mt 270 Ht27
VST Mitsubishi Shakti MT 180D18.5
VST Mitsubishi Shakti MT 270 - VIRAAT 4W27
VST Mitsubishi Shakti VT 224-1D22
VST Mitsubishi Shakti VT 224 - 1D AJAI - 4WB22
VST Mitsubishi Shakti VT180D / JAI-2W18
VST Mitsubishi Shakti VT180D / JAI-2WB18.5
VST Mitsubishi Shakti Vwh 1209
VST Mitsubishi Shakti 130 DI13
VST Mitsubishi VST Shakti MT 171 DI SAMRAAT17
VST Mitsubishi VST Shakti MT 270 VIRAAT 4W PLUS27

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