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Tractor Subsidy In Mizoram

Tractors Subsidy in Mizoram


Introduction, popularization and utilization of improved farm power and specialized implements are important components for boosting agriculture production. As the state does not possess Agro industries, either undertaken by the Government or private, it is necessary to procure any type of farm machineries from other states. To meet the demand of farm implements by the farmers in the state, it is necessary to procure the machineries from approved and recommended firms under Macro-Management (CSS) ‘Promotion of Farm Mechanisation’. The present availability of farm powers in the state is only 0.47 KW/ha which is much below national level. The scheme is expected to increase work efficiency and productivity of the farmers. Different kinds of Machineries like Water Pump Sets, Power Weeder, Sprayers etc. and various other power driven equipments for tractor and power tillers etc. are provided to the farmers with permissible rates of subsidy as per GOI norms as follows :-

1) Tractor - 2,00,000.00
2) Power Tiller - 90,000.00
3) Water Pump Set - 10,000.00
4) Power Weeder - 15,000.00
5) Sugarcane Crusher - 15,000.00
6) Knapsack Spayer - 800.00
7) Manually Operated Implements - 50%
8) Power Tiller Implements - 10,000.00
9) Tractor Implements - 10,000.00
10) Specialized Power Operated Implements - 15,000.00
11) Self Propelled Paddy Reaper - 40,000.00
12) 75mm HDPE Pipes 4kg/cm2 6m long - 50%


Regarding Tractors and Power Tillers better amount of Subsidy is floated to farmers by matching permissible rate of subsidy allowed by GOI with any available source of fund from State flagship programme like NLUP etc.

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