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Tractor Subsidy In Goa

Tractors Subsidy in Goa

Government Subsidy Schemes in Goa

Scheme 1

Type of Assistance - Subsidy on hire charges while booking Government machinery and those from registered agencies/individual on tractor, mini tractor.
Criteria for assistance maximum limit - 50% subsidy on standard cost
State/Central Schemes/Components - Subsidy for Custom Service in Agriculture Mechanisation

Scheme 2

Type of Assistance - Assistance for purchase of Agri-Machinery like transplanter, tractor, power tiller, sprayer, weedcutter, juicer extractor, sprayer, Minitiller, manually operated power operated etc.
Criteria for assistance maximum limit - 75% subsidy of standard cost or actual cost whichever is less to general farmers and 90% for SC/ST farmers
State/Central Schemes/Components - Promotion of Mechanisation in Agriculture assistance for purchase of Agricultural Machinery.

Scheme 3

Type of Assistance - For upkeep & maintainance of machinery belonging to registered agencies on completion of 500 hrs. work in one calendar year
Criteria for assistance maximum limit - Rs. 40,000/year
State/Central Schemes/Components - Special assistance for maintainance of tractors under Custom Services

Scheme 4

Type of Assistance - Assistance on purchase of implements/attachment used for Agriculture operations which are beneficial to farmers.
Criteria for assistance maximum limit - Subsidy of 50% for General Category & 75% for SC/ST on actual cost or standard cost whichever is less
State/Central Schemes/Components - Assistance for purchase of Agriculture equipment/implements

Other Government Schemes

1) 75% subsidy on approved standard costs will be provided for purchase of approved agricultural machinery & 50% subsidy will be paid to approved implements and tools. Any subsidy paid from other scheme of State and/or Central Sector Schemes shall be adjusted in the subsidy under this program and balance shall be paid from this head of account.
2) The Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe farmer shall be provided with 90% subsidy on standard cost of machine and General farmer shall be provided 75% subsidy for purchase of a new machine. 75% subsidy shall be provided to SC/ST farmer for attachments to Tractor / Power Tiller or other machineries as against 50% for general farmers.
3) If the machine or equipment is financed by bank or any other financial institutions, the subsidy shall be released to the bank or such agency.
4) If the farmer has purchased the machine or equipment at his cost the subsidy shall be released to the farmer.
5) If the machine or equipment has been purchased by farmer by paying his/her share of cost, the subsidy shall be paid to the dealer provided farmer has submitted Letter of Authority to that effect. However such cases shall be required to be approved in advance.
6) Subsidy would be paid to dealer on behalf of the farmer if the willing farmer is financially poor with annual income of less than Rs.1,00,000/- duly supported by Income Certificate from Village Panchayat.
7) The subsidy shall be paid only as per the standard cost of the machine fixed by the Department of Agriculture or as per the actual whichever is less.
8) The cost of machine or equipment over & above the standard cost if any shall be fully borne by the farmer.
9) All the attachments to the self-propelled machine shall be provided 50% subsidy such as trailers, plough, ridger. Harrow, cultivator, paddy reaper attachment to weed cutter, leveling blade, rotary weeder, etc. for general farmer and 75% for SC/ST farmers.
10) Subsidy admissible from Government of India Schemes including RKVY shall be adjusted within the total subsidy as above and only the balance subsidy shall be considered from State Sector.
11) At least one attachment shall be required to be purchased by tractor or minitractor applicant along with the main machine. Such attachment will be provided subsidy at 50% or 75% of standard cost and main machine as per pattern at 4(i).
12) In case of failure of the beneficiary to provide machines on hire as per undertaking the subsidy paid shall be recovered as revenue recovery.
13) The machine should be purchased from approved dealer in Goa only. If any machine is not sold by any dealer in Goa, such machine may be purchased from outside State provided manufacturer / dealer gives letter of assurance of after sales service in Goa.
14) No new machine shall be approved to any individual if the previous machine was supplied on assistance within previous six years.
15) The standard cost of machines shall be circulated by Department from time to time.

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