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Tractor Subsidy In Bihar

Tractors Subsidy in Bihar

Scope of Farm Mechanization:

The farm power availability in the State during the year 2001 was 0.80 kW/ha. Bihar’s productive contribution in food grain, fruit, vegetables, spices and flowers can increase manifold with improved methods and system management. By adopting precision agriculture and use of appropriate type of agricultural machinery the overall productivity can easily be increased 2–3 times. The region receives good rainfall and the water table is high. By adopting proper water management practices the entire agricultural land can be converted into irrigated land. Use of sprinkler and drip irrigation system can help in increasing water use efficiency. The area has good scope for growing good quality fruits and vegetables. The region has also high population density. By following scientific methods of production, making best use of agricultural labour force and adopting proper Post-Harvest Technology at farm/village level, the production of horticultural crops can be increased many folds. The region has good opportunity of agro-processing activities in the production catchments for increasing income and employment opportunities and reducing poverty line If greater emphasis is given on production of horticultural crops, milk, fish, poultry, etc. on scientific lines with proper infrastructural support for washing, cleaning, grading, drying, packaging, storage, cold storage, handling and transport with refrigerated vans/cool chains, the region can emerge as a big supplier of these products and can supply its produce to big markets of Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai etc. in addition to other cities in the region. With encouragement to contract/cooperative farming on scientific lines, the production of high value crops can be increased substantially. Since individual ownership of costly agricultural machinery is not economically viable due to small holdings, custom services of improved, energy efficient, high capacity precision equipment have good scope of introduction and popularization in this region.

Agriculture Mechanization is a means to introduce improved implements and machines for different agricultural practices to increase productivity. Mechanization helps in timely land preparation, timely sowing and timely harvesting of crops. Use of improved implements for land preparation reduces cost and time. This is important in the Bihar context, where productivity is affected by late sowing of cereals.

In order to promote farm mechanization this road map proposes for distribution of farm implements on subsidized cost. It is proposed to give 50% subsidy on power tiller, zero till machine, rotavator, combine harvester, paddy transplanter, conoweeder, reaper, sugarcane cutter planter,land leveller and other modern and improved implements. For tractor and some specified instrument subsidy will be 25%. Emphasis will be given on gender friendly equipments.

Agricultural implements workshop were established at Patna, Ara, Purnea, Muzaffarpur for repair of farm implements and also for the training of the extension officers. Now these workshops are in a dilapidated condition. These workshops need to be renovated. The renovation work will involve repair of building infrastructure and purchase of new equipment.

Pattern Of Maximum Permissible Assistance For Farm Mechanization

Tractor - @ 25% of the cost limited to Rs.45,000/- tractors up to 40 HP
Power Tiller - @ 40 % of the cost, limited to Rs.45000/- Power tiller 8BHP & above/@ 40 % of the cost, limited to Rs.25000/- Light weight Power tiller below 8BHP for hilly regions
Power driven equipment (Tractor/Power Tiller operated) Intended inclusion of all tractor and power tiller driven conventional equipment/implement - i. @ 25 % of the cost, limited to Rs.10000/- for essential tractor driven implements viz. MB/Disc plough, harrow, cultivator, seed cum fertilizer drill. ii. @ 25 % of the cost, limited to Rs.10000/- for a set of power driven implements i.e. harrow cultivator and seed drill.
Power operated protection equipment - @ 25% of the cost limited to Rs. 2000/-
Tractor mounted protection equipment - @ 25% of the cost limited to Rs. 4000/-

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