Mahindra XUV500

₹ 12.47 Lac - ₹ 18.83 Lac

Ex-show Room Price

EMI: ₹ 27,456

For a loan of ₹ 12.47 Lac @ 12% over 60 months

What we Like it
Great Value for money with lot of comfortable features
What we don't Like it
The style is not good and it needs to be improved

About Mahindra XUV500

Mahindra has launched its facelifted version of its previous famous SUV - XUV 500 at an attractive price range of around Rs.11.21 lakh. The new vehicle remains to be constant except for minor cosmetic and mechanical changes. At the front, it has a refreshed front fascia, innovative chrome grille, powerful head lamps with black treatment, L shaped chrome finished fog lamps as well as S shaped LED daytime running lamps. The rear also looks very fresh with the revised rear door with chrome number plate. The fuel efficiency of the vehicle is really good compared to its previous version in which the old version returns 15kmpl and the new version returns 16kmpl which is quite impressive. The new XUV 500 is powered by a transversely located 2.2-litre mHawk engine churning out a power in the range of 120bhp to 140bhp. It comes in six different variants including W4 4x2, W6 4x2, W8 4x2, W10 4x2, W8 4x4, W10 4x4 with a price range between Rs.11.21 lakh - Rs.15.99 respectively. The company insists that the new car is well incorporated with a refreshed suspension setup for its better ride quality and high speed stability. Its ESP has also been modified for excellent performance around corners. Finally, the new SUV Mahindra XUV 500 would give a very tough competition to its similar other cars.

Mahindra XUV500 Pictures

Mahindra XUV500 Car Models

Mahindra XUV500 is available in 25 variants. View below listing of variants based on their fuel type. Upcoming variants of XUV500 are also listed here.

Mahindra XUV500 Petrol Variants

1962 cc,2-litre 4-cylinder Petrol engine

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₹ 10,50,000 (Estimated Price)
Coming Soon

Mahindra XUV500 Diesel Variants

2179 cc,mHawk140 Direct injection diesel engine with 5th generation VGT

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₹ 15,00,000 (Estimated Price)
Coming Soon

2179 cc,4 cylinder mHawk CRDe diesel engine

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₹ 12,46,631

1997 cc,4 cylinder mHawk CRDe diesel engine

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₹ 12,47,000

2179 cc,4 cylinder mHawk CRDe diesel engine

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₹ 13,88,525

1997 cc,4 cylinder mHawk CRDe diesel engine

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₹ 13,89,000

1997 cc,4 cylinder mHawk CRDe diesel engine

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₹ 14,76,000

2179 cc,2.2-litre 4-cylinder mHawk CRDe Diesel engine

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₹ 14,76,132

1997 cc,4 cylinder mHawk CRDe diesel engine

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₹ 15,63,000

2179 cc,4 cylinder mHawk CRDe diesel engine

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₹ 15,63,292

2179 cc,4 cylinder mHawk CRDe diesel engine

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₹ 16,48,000

2179 cc,4 cylinder mHawk CRDe diesel engine

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₹ 16,53,723

1997 cc,4 cylinder mHawk CRDe diesel engine

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₹ 16,54,000

2179 cc,2.2-litre mHawk CRDe diesel engine

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₹ 16,60,000

1997 cc,4 cylinder mHawk CRDe diesel engine

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₹ 16,72,000

2179 cc,4 cylinder mHawk CRDe diesel engine

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₹ 16,72,248

1997 cc,4 cylinder mHawk CRDe diesel engine

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₹ 17,57,000

2179 cc,4 cylinder mHawk CRDe diesel engine

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₹ 17,57,082

2179 cc,2.2-litre mHawk CRDe diesel engine

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₹ 17,60,000

2179 cc,4 cylinder mHawk CRDe diesel engine

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₹ 17,81,000

2179 cc,4 cylinder mHawk CRDe diesel engine

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₹ 18,83,000

Mahindra XUV500 Competitors

Editorial Test Drive Review of Mahindra XUV500

Mahindra XUV 500 Review

Mahindra XUV 500is a Sports Utility Vehicle which is manufactured by the Indian Automobile Company Mahindra and Mahindra which is codenamed as ‘W201’. The new car comes with some cosmetic changes over the electronics, braking system and clutch system. The car is considered to be one of the most safety and comfortable car.

Mahindra XUV 500 Models and prices

The XUV 500 comes only in diesel variants and there is no petrol option for the car which includes

1) Mahindra XUV 500 W6 2WD – Rs.11,85,926
2) Mahindra XUV 500 W8 2WD – Rs.13,40,770
3) Mahindra XUV 500 W8 4WD – Rs.14,44,278

The prices displayed above are not exact and it may changes according to the regions. So it is better to contact the nearest dealer for further price details.

Mahindra XUV 500 Color Options

Mahindra XUV 500 is available in various attractive colours which would definitely impress the people and makes them to buy the car. The colours are listed below.

1) Tuscan Red
2) Opulent Purple
3) Satin White
4) Moondust Silver
5) Arctic Blue
6) Volcano Black
7) Dolphin Grey

Mahindra XUV 500 Engine Details

The engine of the XUV 500 is a mHawk type which gives the displacement very close to 2197 cc. This mHawk engine churns out the maximum power of 140 BHP @ 3750 RPM in combination with the maximum torque of 330 NM @ 1600-2800 RPM. The engine of the XUV 500 is designed on the basis of direct injection technology with Variable Geometry Turbocharger which enables the engine to be more powerful than other engines. The car comes with a six speed manual gearbox which is suitable for Indian road traffic conditions. Along with that, the engine has Micro Hybrid technology for more fuel efficient and it has All-Wheel drive option.

Acceleration, Mileage and Fuel Economy

Since the engine comes with a six speed manual gearbox along with the 4WD or All-Wheel Drive, it allows the vehicle to take on any terrain with ease. The company claims that the vehicle would offers a decent acceleration and pick up with the maximum speed of 185 kmph. The XUV 500 offers a healthy mileage of 12 kmpl in the city roads and 14 kmpl on the highways. The fuel tank capacity of the Mahindra XUV 500 is nearly 70 litres.

Design and Comfort

Mahindra XUV 500 Interior Features

The XUV 500 interiors are very different from other SUVs and definitely it would impress the people and makes to buy the car. It is a spacious car in which seven people can take their seat comfortably without any trouble. The bench type passenger seat in the middle row and last row seats are of foldable type and it is very useful for keeping the luggages. The dashboard looks very and decent which sports a long central console of 6-inch touchscreen monochrome/colour display with audio controls and the AC controls. The AC vents are placed on the front dashboard in which two on the central console side and one on either side. The steering wheel is a blending of sporty look and its functionality in which one half is the steering wheel while the other half acts as a remote control to the audio system and it also has cruise controls. The interiors are designed in dual tone colour shades with fabric/leather upholstery. It consists of an excellent background lights which highlights the door handles and it has rear view mirror. There is a sunglass holder box as well as another small box which is placed just above the internal rear view mirror. The car comes with a spacious glove box which can be very helpful for keeping some things. The interiors of the XUV 500 are of good quality plastic materials which looks very stylish and royal offering more comfortness. There is an umbrella holder in the car which is quite good and the company has proved its best even in little comfort features. Two cup holders are placed between the gear knob and the cool box. For entertainment, the car has an integrated music system with DVD player, iPOD connector, USB port, Bluetooth connectivity etc. The car has an array of lamps which consists of Puddle lamps, Entry assist lamp, Door ajar lamps, Camping lamps etc and many more.

Mahindra XUV 500 Exterior accessories

The exteriors of the Mahindra XUV 500 looks like a Cheetah in which the car has a jaw-shaped front grille, bodylines of a pouncing Cheetah and bold lines, door handles of paw shape etc. All these features altogether resembles like a Cheetah in motion. The honeycomb grille is fitted on the broad front bumper. It consists of two barrel shaped headlamps with side indicators and daytime running lights placed horizontally just below the headlamp in the same assembly. The bold line of the car has been started from just above the front side fender continues to the rear lamps. The XUV 500 has a prominent and bold splash-guard on the front and the rear wheel which gives a macho appearance than the other SUVs in India. While moving to the side profile, the outside rear view mirror also boasts the side indicator and small parking light. The side appearance of the XUV 500 looks like a fully built SUV with a high stance and it has roof rails with the roofline. The XUV 500 comes with the tail lamps which merges with the bold line come from front fender. The rear part of the car is fitted with a wiper as well as high mounted stop lamp and two stop warning indicators on both the sides. The car is packed with an alloy wheels of five-spoke 17 inch with a tire size of P235/65 R17 which are radial and tubeless. It comes with a spare wheel just below the boot and the car has tire tronics system monitoring the tire pressure and gives a warning if there is a decrease in tire pressure. The external dimensions includes a length of 4585 mm, width of 1890 mm and height of 1785 mm respectively.

Mahindra XUV 500 Brakes

It is believed that the XUV 500 comes with an excellent and proficient braking and suspension mechanisms. The front and rear wheels are fitted with disc and caliper type braking systems. Likewise, the suspension mechanism comes with a four wheels which have independent suspension. The front axle consists of a McPherson type with anti-roll bar while the rear suspension has a Multillink type with anti-roll bar. Along with the disc braking system, the car has an advanced braking system such as Anti-Lock Braking System which assures that the brakes won’t lock even in case of panic braking. For curvy turns on the track, it possess an electronic stability program and hill hold, hill descent control for hilly areas.

Mahindra XUV 500 Safety Features

All SUVs of Mahindra are bigger, smarter, safer and very economical. The car is packed with lot of safety features which includes dual airbags both for the driver and the front passenger, side and curtain airbags to be safe from side impacts, crumple zone to protect from crash etc. The tubeless tyres, disc brakes with ABS+EBD, Intellipark system, Digital Immobilizer assures more safety and security to both driver and passengers. For better viewability, the car comes with a smart wipers for cleaning the windscreen, headlamps and tail lamps etc. Apart from that, the XUV 500 steering comes with the stereo on the left side and cruise controls on the right side which is mounted on it helps for the driver.

Mahindra XUV500 Sales Figures and Report

Know the sales figures of Mahindra XUV500 sales figure in months of June,May,April,March,February,January,December,November,. The sales statistic shown here reveals how XUV500 scores against its competitors. You can also compare XUV500 with its competitors sales chart

No of Mahindra XUV500 cars sold in June 2017
Month & Year Sales
May-2017 2093
April-2017 1999
March-2017 2663
February-2017 2190
January-2017 2144
December-2016 1689
November-2016 1069

Mahindra XUV500 Ex showroom Price in Top cities

Mahindra XUV500 prices were updated on July 26,2017.For on road price of XUV500 click on the get on price quotation link

W6 W8 W8 AWD W4 W10 W10 AWD W8 AT W10 AT W10 AWD AT W6 AT W4 1.99 W6 1.99 W8 1.99 W10 1.99 W6 1.99 AT W8 1.99 AT W10 1.99 AT W10 Sportz W10 AT Sportz
Bangalore 13.95 L 15.72 L 16.62 L 12.60 L 16.63 L 17.74 L 16.81 L 17.66 L 18.78 L 14.84 L
Chennai 13.95 L 15.72 L 16.62 L 12.60 L 16.62 L 17.74 L 16.81 L 17.66 L 18.78 L 14.84 L
Delhi 13.89 L 15.63 L 16.48 L 12.47 L 16.54 L 17.81 L 16.72 L 17.57 L 18.83 L 14.76 L 12.47 L 13.89 L 15.63 L 16.54 L 14.76 L 16.72 L 17.57 L 16.60 L 17.60 L
Hyderabad 13.90 L 15.67 L 16.57 L 12.55 L 16.58 L 17.69 L 16.77 L 17.61 L 18.72 L 14.79 L
Mumbai 13.77 L 15.53 L 16.42 L 12.44 L 16.43 L 17.53 L 16.62 L 17.46 L 18.56 L 14.66 L

* Prices of Mahindra XUV500 car indicated here are ex-showroom price not the on road price of XUV500. Price list is subject to change and for the latest Mahindra XUV500 India prices, submit your details at the booking form available at the top, so that our sales team will get back to you. Mahindra XUV500 mileage mentioned here is based on ARAI test drive and not from XUV500 review by vicky team.

Mahindra XUV500 Mileage And Running Cost

Mahindra XUV500 Mileage listed here are company claimed ARAI mileage tested under standard conditions. lists user mileage posted by XUV500 owners for city and highway driving respectively. The average mileage of these figures would be the perfect fuel efficiency figure you can expect in indian road conditions. Click full mileage detail to know the running cost of Mahindra XUV500

Mahindra XUV500 VariantsArai Mileage
Mahindra XUV500 Petrol0.00 Kmpl
Mahindra XUV500 W8 Xclusive Edition15.00 Kmpl
Mahindra XUV500 W416.00 Kmpl
Mahindra XUV500 W4 1.9916.00 Kmpl
Mahindra XUV500 W616.00 Kmpl
Mahindra XUV500 W6 1.9916.00 Kmpl
Mahindra XUV500 W6 1.99 AT16.00 Kmpl
Mahindra XUV500 W6 AT13.85 Kmpl
Mahindra XUV500 W8 1.9916.00 Kmpl
Mahindra XUV500 W816.00 Kmpl
Mahindra XUV500 W8 AWD16.00 Kmpl
Mahindra XUV500 W1016.00 Kmpl
Mahindra XUV500 W10 1.9916.00 Kmpl
Mahindra XUV500 W10 Sportz16.00 Kmpl
Mahindra XUV500 W8 1.99 AT16.00 Kmpl
Mahindra XUV500 W8 AT13.85 Kmpl
Mahindra XUV500 W10 1.99 AT16.00 Kmpl
Mahindra XUV500 W10 AT13.85 Kmpl
Mahindra XUV500 W10 AT Sportz13.85 Kmpl
Mahindra XUV500 W10 AWD16.00 Kmpl
Mahindra XUV500 W10 AWD AT16.00 Kmpl
Mahindra XUV500 2013 W614.00 Kmpl
Mahindra XUV500 2013 W814.00 Kmpl
Mahindra XUV500 1.99L16.00 Kmpl
Mahindra XUV500 2013 W8 AWD14.00 Kmpl

Mahindra XUV500 Specifications

"The prime specs of Mahindra XUV500 are listed here. The overall length, width of the car should give you an idea about parking space it require. The ground clearance (lowest part of the car to the ground) will give you the measure of water wading capability and confidence of XUV500's capability to run over potholes and speed breakers. However GC (ground clearance) won't tell everything. Other important factors like approach angle, breakover angle and departure angle is required to assess the cars' ability to run in rained indian roads and light off road tracks.Engine specs of XUV500 are also listed here. With the power (in bhp) and torque (Nm) figures the most important ratios - power to weight ratio of XUV500 and torque to weight ratio. The displacement (in cc) is the measure of cubic capacity of the engine. Earlier there was a notion, larger engines produce more power and torque however with the invention of advanced technologies this is no longer true."

Prime Dimensions Of Mahindra XUV500

Length 4585 mm
Width 1890 mm
Height 1785 mm
WheelBase 2700 mm
Ground Clearance 200 mm
Boot Space NA
Kerb Weight 1785.00 Kg

Tyre And Wheels Of Mahindra XUV500

Wheel Type Steel wheels
Wheel Size 17 inches
Tyres 235 / 65 R17

Engine Specification Of Mahindra XUV500

Power 140bhp @ 3750rpm
Torque 330Nm @ 2800rpm
Displacement 2179
Power To Weight Ratio 78.43 bhp/ton
Torque to Weight Ratio 184.87 Nm/ton
Specific Output 64.25 bhp/litre

Mahindra XUV500 Features

Find your favourite Mahindra XUV500 car features list. While power windows, power steering and central locking are considered prime convenience features, the presence of safety features such as abs and airbags will give the necessary safety for the XUV500 occupants. Alloy wheels is something everyone would love to boast about.

Mahindra XUV500 W6 W8 W8 AWD W4 W10 W10 AWD W8 AT W10 AT W10 AWD AT W6 AT W4 1.99 W6 1.99 W8 1.99 W10 1.99 W6 1.99 AT W8 1.99 AT W10 1.99 AT W10 Sportz W10 AT Sportz
Power Windows
Power Steering
Anti Lock Braking
Driver AirBags
Alloy Wheels
Central Locking

Mahindra XUV500

If you are done with the expert test drive report on Mahindra XUV500 and look for owners opinion before signing the cheque,here they are. The customer reviews posted here are by actual XUV500 owners who own the car for more than 6 months and ride in and out daily. You can also check out team-bhp and mouthshut for XUV500 owners service feedback

Mahindra XUV 500 - Not a Satisfactory Vehicle

By Ravi Kumar

Good: superb power and fine interiors

Bad: poor handling

I could be able to find that Mahindra XUV 500 is not a satisfactory model even at the test drive of that car. Actually I had great expectation with the vehicle but it totally disappointed me. While travelling at a speed of around 100 kmph, the vehicle was bouncing all over the place and it is better to go for Mahindra Bolero, Mahindra Scorpio compared to XUV 500. Overall, Mahindra XUV 500 - a disappointed vehicle.

Dont buy even if you feels low price

By karan singh

Good: appearance, comfortness

Bad: engine performance

Friends, While purchasing the car, just think more than two times before taking a decision and choose the right car. We should not waste the money by investing the hard earned amount for the car. Mahindra XUV 500 has nothing except the appearance of the car. Actually I have bought this car for its affordable price because it seems to be very cheaper in its segment and so I preferred. But after that I worried a lot for purchasing the car. Hereafter I never suggest anybody to go for Mahindra XUV 500. Friends be alert.

Mahindra XUV500 Videos

Video Reviews and Test Drive of Mahindra XUV500 from youtube publishers - autocar, overdrive, ndtv and more

Mahindra XUV500 User Reviews (97)

meena meena , deharadun says
Xuvw6 required h Discount rate par
Published on 2015-10-04 08:32:23
Muralimohan Muralimohan , kollam ,Kerala says
send xuv 500 details I need automatic transmission
Published on 2015-07-01 10:48:12
md.akram md.akram , bacheli says
Xuv 500 w8
Published on 2015-01-29 23:33:01
irshid ahmed mir irshid ahmed mir , sopore kashmir says
looks splendid , i wish they had more colors like VW cars , waiting to launch in Kashmir
Published on 2013-01-05 11:33:37
Rajesh singh Chuahan Rajesh singh Chuahan , Bhander says
XUV Model detail my mail ID
Published on 2012-11-23 15:00:15
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