Skoda Fabia Pictorial Review – Interiors

1) Skoda Fabia: Because of the taller roof line you can easily walk in and out of the Fabia. Living inside the fabia is a pure exhilaration. The quality of materials used are top notch and dual tone dashboard is sure to attract to everyone.


2) Skoda Fabia: Driving the Fabia is absolute pleasure not just because of precise gearbox. The front seats are wider, with generous legroom. Seat height is adjustable. Pumping the lever you are lifted to upper floor from downstairs. Also, you can adjust both the reach and height of the steering wheel.


3) Skoda Fabia: If you had to reduce the Fabia to one winning factor, it would undoubtedly be the sheer spaciousness of the car. The roomy interior make you feel more like a sedan than a hatch. Storage spaces are abudant. Side pockets on both front doors are also generous and large, and will hold just about anything, from street directory to maps, from parking coupon booklets to your foldable sun shade. A cup holder is provided for the rear passengers.


4) Skoda Fabia: But you cannot check all the boxes with your eyes closed. Fabia has its own weakness. Seats are rigid and the result is a very stiff ride though the vibrations transferred is little due to the sift suspension. Getting into the rear seats you will feel like you are thrown into a bunker. Claustrophobic feel is further enhanced by the gun-slit windows and the rear windshield which is too small and far away from the passenger. But unlike the swift you won’t feel cramped inside the Fabia as there are generous legroom and knee room. Three adults can sit comfortably in the rear seats.


5) Skoda Fabia: Fabia’s long list of equipment includes – an auxiliary point to plug-in your iPod, MP3 audio system,head restraints for rear passengers, powered mirrors and electric sunroof. The roof mounted A/C  chills the cabin quicker.


6) Skoda Fabia: The cabin is not free from noise, the diesel clatter can be heard when the windows are shut. Starting the engine in monsoon could be more noisy. Reduction of sound proof materials might be the cause


7) Skoda Fabia: is an extreme safe place to live in with ABS, dual front air bags, parking sensors,MSR and Dual Rate Brake Assist. Skoda’s rock solid built must also be taken into account.


8) Skoda Fabia: is available in four variants. The diesel range of Fabia starts from Rs7,22,563 and goes upto Rs8,71,556. Top of the line Fabia’s petrol Elegance variant comes at Rs7,72,918.All the prices indicated are ex-showroom Chennai.


Interestingly premium hatchbacks is not new to Indian customers. Ford and Hyundai earlier made an attempt to lure swift buyers through their Fusion and Getz Diesel but failed to made any impact. The failure is partly attributed primarily due to the timing of the launch. Indian customers never looked beyond Maruti Suzuki’s swift. Things has not changed much after that except for the increase in waiting period to get the swift. Then where does Skoda’s new Fabia slots in? those who love spacious yet compact one. Fabia is more spacious even more than some sedans available in the market. Also you cannot find such an economical car in the market. All you have to do save some more money to buy this hatch.

P.S:Our sincere thanks to Mr Vijay Mehar Raju, Gurudev Motors, (, Teynampet, Chennai (044-55668899).

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